When to buy a new broom during Diwali or Deepawali?

new broom during Diwali or Deepawali

Everyone uses brooms in their house to the house clean. Broom are used to dust away the waste and dirt. Though it is a common thing but it has an important role in the mythologies. In 1797  Levi Dickenson, a farmer in Hadley, Massachusetts, made a broom for his wife, using the tassels of sorghum.

Besides being an important tool of daily use, a broom also has a religious significance. In Jainism, monks and nuns keep a broom with them to keep out insect and animals from their paths as they walk. It prevents killing them unconsciously and as considered as an act of non-violence. Goddess “SHEETELA” worshipped in Hinduism, Buddhism and some tribal cultures hold a broom in her hand.

In some culture, brooms are used by tantric healers to cure psychic problems. According to the belief, Goddess of money Mahalaxmi’s one of the form is a broom. As per Vastu and old beliefs, due to the broom, happiness and prosperity in our houses increase.

Vastu Tips to buy a new broom

 Religious beliefs related to the broom

  • If you want to buy a new broom buy it only on Saturday as it is considered very a positive and successful future .
  • Never use a damaged broom in the house and one should store it in the west direction room to kill the negative energy.
  • The way we hide our money from everyone the same way we must hide the broom from everyone’s eyes!
  • Never touch the broom by your foot as this is inauspicious and as per the believes this is consider as disrespect of Goddess Mahalaxmi.
  • Never place a broom in standing position.
  • Never use broom for dusting just after the departure of family members as this is considered inauspicious.

Why we buy a Broom during Diwali?

 Buying a broom during Diwali is considered a positive and successful future. It is said that after purchasing a broom on Diwali, it should be used after worship, the next day.

Many Vastu defects are removed from the house by proper use of the broom. Not only this, there are some astrological beliefs related to this. If you believe in religious beliefs, insulting the broom is an insult to Goddess Lakshmi.

Religious beliefs related to the broom:

  • If a permanent Lakshmi resides on the day of Diwali, then a bunch should be donated inthe well timed of the temple.
  • It is said that knowingly and unknowingly, do not keep the foot on the broom, it is said that it is insulting Mahalaxmi and keep the sweep clean forever.
  • The secret donation of three brooms (without informing anyone) in Brahma Muhurt (in the morning sunrise) in any temple surrounding his home of obtaining the blessings of Mother Lakshmi. Before donating a broom in the temple, be sure to see welled time.
  • If you keep broom in front of the door at night outside your home, then negative energy does not enter into the house. This work should be done at night only. Hide the broom during the day.
  • Whenever you enter a new home, then a new broom should go inside the house only. This is consider as a well time. From this, happiness and prosperity and peace will remain in the new home.If possible, change your broom on Saturday and clean well in your house on Saturdays. By doing so, Mahalaxmi will always remain on you.
  • If yourchild is suddenly brooming in the house then it should be understood that unwanted guestsare coming home.
  • If any member is out of the house for a particular job, then should not bury the house immediately after his departure. In doing so, the person may have to face some problems.
  • A small broom should be hanged behind the main door of your house. This will keep the blessings of Lakshmi Mata and happiness, peace and prosperity remain in the house.
  • Take care of one thing when you broom in the house, it should not be wet, do not swing to any wet place. If you swap a wet place, it may be that there is no water in your house or a little less.

broom during Diwali

Scientific reason behind each and every Diwali ritual:

Festival of lights is almost here and we are excited to bring love, good luck, wealth, happiness and prosperity into your lives. The 5 days of Diwali are going to be filled with all customs, traditions and very important an age-old rituals.

There is a scientific reason behind each and every Diwali ritual that we perform at home. It will definitely bring love, wealth, prosperity and good luck in life.

Festival of light and cleanliness:

The  beautiful  combination that Diwali is festival of light and cleanliness. After the monsoon every home has to be cleaned as to get rid of dampness.

There is a yearly painting and polishing to be done in every house. Many homes have new color schemes with change curtains and furnishing. Every  house look absolutely new and clean which is done buying a broom during Diwali which is  a Diwali tool and also a form of  mother Laxmi.

We just have to make sure that divine mother Laxmi comes on Diwali and stay there for whole year. This is true that the Goddess laxmi comes to clean space only and stays on provided there is Clean space everywhere around. You must have seen shopkeepers cleaning their place  every morning. This can be done in every household also.

It is believe  that where there’s cleanliness, there is no disease. This hygienic habits and healthy lifestyle go generation to generation. Thus the cleaning of every house with a truly effort would lead to disease free life. This can be done easily if we maintain the clean place done  by one tool that is Broom. We have to make sure that everyplace near streets and homes shall remain clean even after Diwali also.

When we have clean space, there are much lesser chances for squabble. Thus there shall be no squabble. In other words there shall be harmony. This is the basic mantra  of life.

To keep the Goddess Laxmi happy, harmony is the basic condition:

Harmony at physical level started by cleanliness creates harmony in mind and breathing also.This is the condition to make a call or offer prayer to Goddess Lakshmi.

Goddess Lakshmi demands harmony in mind and soul, harmony in word and thought and harmony in matter and mind too. To bring Lakshmi in our homes as a permanent guest , this is precondition for Lakshmi to have clean spaces.

Therefore let there be call for continual cleanliness on Diwali to have Lakshmi forever.Let the movement for cleanliness started on Diwali by buying broom during Diwali  and continued every day till last breath.We wish that movement for cleanliness started before Diwali and to be continued everyday till last breath. And may Grace of Goddess  Lakshmi be with us today and forever. May there be courage and strength to protect harmony attained on Diwali.

Diwali is festival of light and cleanliness  so buying broom during Diwali . May blessings be showered by Maa Lakshmi upon everyone on Diwali and all through year.

By bring broom at home during Diwali.We shall continue with the Yearlong Campaign of nester day for cleanliness. This year MaaLakshmi would come to be with us in our clean homes and become a permanent member of our family.



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