What Is Vegan Diet And Why Is It So Popular These Days?


A vegan diet basically means an animal-free diet. The vegan diet has definitely come a long way. Earlier, it used to be followed by only the peace loving hippies but now many people along with celebrities have taken it up. There are a lot of pros to a vegan diet and a lot of cons as well. The popularity of vegan diet has increased so much that it is commendable.

Why is vegan diet becoming so popular?

The vegan diet is something which has evidences of great health. You must be knowing about Jessica Barr. Her skin definitely has a glow like no one else and hair is silky and smooth as well. At the end of the day, she is one of those perfectly maintained people. Is that because she goes to the salon often? No. She claims it is because of her Vegan diet. A healthy diet without animal meat, dairy products or anything coming from animals can be very helpful in keeping yourself nourished.

First of all, it is the peer pressure which is making the vegan diet really popular. Many of the stars have taken up the vegan diet and the whole world knows about it. Stars like Beyonce and Jay-Z have made many people take up the same diet for the good of the society. On the other hand, people who are really driven by ethics and who care about the environment are turning towards the vegan diet. Also, there are many evidences that a diet which is heavy in meat and dairy can cause a lot of diseases in the long run.

Before you switch on to a vegan diet, you should know the following things:

You might need to take a B12 supplement

Vitamin B12 is a naturally occurring vitamin which only is available in animal foods. If you are opting to take nothing which comes from animals, you might have a deficiency of Vitamin B12. To avoid that vitamin deficiency, we should go for supplement to keep your health intact.

New protein sources have to be found

It is true that the vegan diet is very healthy but every meal should contain protein. Protein is one of those essential things which one should not ignore. If you are eating meat, you will get a lot of protein but most of the vegetables don’t have that much protein. But there are many vegan dishes which are rich sources of protein.

Don’t go for junk

If you are not eating animal products but still going on eating junk food, it will not keep you healthy. You should cut off your junk consumption a lot in order to live a very healthy life.

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