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Cobra Pose

The growth of yoga is rapidly increasing like a wildfire throughout the world. Most of the health and fitness experts are preferring yoga to keep away from health problems. It is the great way to keep your body fit. Yoga will keep your body flexible and boost the strength like never before. These days, people don’t have enough time to join fitness centers. Apart from this, people are suffering from lots problem due to the fast pace of sitting jobs. People are not able to control their weight and that leads to heavyweight. If you are suffering from weight problem then, you have come to the right place. Here, we will talk about how you can lose your body weight through yoga for beginners asana (Posture). This article is written after consulting with lots of yoga gurus.

Yoga is the great gift from the do to mankind. One of the major benefits of practicing yoga is that it is free as well as beneficial for our body. In yoga, you will find a wide range of different posture that is beneficial for your body. Every yoga pose has their own benefits. So, without wasting time let’s start learning about best yoga pose for weight loss.

Best yoga pose for weight loss:

Sun Salutation:

Sun Salutation aka SuryaNamaskar is one of the popular yoga for beginners poses. It is the powerful pose that is great for weight loss. Apart from weight loss, you can also practice this pose toreducing the belly fat from your body. There are loads of benefits of performing this pose including anti-aging, glowing, skin, reduce fat from your body, anti-anxiety, and much more.

How to sun salutation?

In this posture, you have to stretch your body completely from top to down. Getting engaging with this pose, you stretch your body and sun removes the negative effects from your body and boost the mental power. You have to touch your feet with the hand and go to the upper side. Perform this pose 8 to 10 times every day for 10 minutes to get a positive result.

Standing Forward Bend:

weight loss yoga for beginnersThis is one of the best yoga poses that will help you in easily remove the body fat from your body. If you want to look slimmer and sexy then, you must try this pose. Like Surya Namaskar, this yoga for beginners asana is also a great pose to enhance the stability and reduce the body and belly fat. You will find a wide range of people is preferring this pose to reduce the weight. It will also help your digestion system, reduce fat, strong hair, reduce back, and many others benefits of practicing this pose.

How to standing forward bend?

Practicing this yoga pose is very easy as compared to others. in this, one has to bend the body downward and stretch the body to get a positive result. You also have to stretch the body, stomach, hips, and hands. This will help you to improve the flexibility of your body. Moreover, blood circulation is also getting improve with by performing this yoga pose. If you are pregnant then, don’t perform this pose.

Downward facing dog:

The downward facing dog is another yoga pose that is very simple to perform. This will help you to easily reduce your body weight in few weeks. To practice the pose, you have to stretch the body and pose like a bridge. Engaging with this pose, it improves the strength of your body and improves the blood circulation like never before. There are many other pros of performing this pose. Are your bones weak? Well, you can try this pose to get the best solution to your weak bone problem. It enhances the power of your bones and makes them stronger.

How to downward facing dog?

This is a very simple body, you just have to balance your body by touch the ground with your both hands and the leg. In simple words, you have to build like a bridge. There are many people perform this asana every day to reduce the weight. You have to perform this asana at least five times a day to get a positive result. Practice this asana every day to quickly reduce the pain.  If you are pregnant or suffering from carpel syndrome then, you have to avoid practicing this pose.

Half Moon:

Half-moon is quite difficult yoga pose if you are suffering from back pain or pain in any other body part. In this pose, you have to maintain your balance and stability to improve your strength. The digestive system is also improved with the help of this asana. Practicing this pose will help you in easily reduce the back pain and reduce the weight. There are lots of people are suffering from heavy weight if you then try this posture. Try this yoga for beginners pose to reduce the weight.

How to half-moon?

You have to raise your left hand and left leg and with right-hand touch the ground. Initially, it is not easy to balance but, keep trying to maintain the balance. Once the balance is successfully maintained, stretch your body to get the best result. One of the major precautions of this posture is that, don’t try if you are suffering from a headache, migraine, neck injury, or in case of pregnancy.

Cobra Pose:

yoga to reduce belly fat

This is amazing yoga pose that looks great. This is best yoga pose for you if you are suffering from a weight problem and want to reduce the weight. Cobra Pose derived from the actions of Cobra when Cobra is on aggressive mode. It is also helpful when you are suffering from heart or chest problem. This is great yoga for beginners pose. Performing this pose is very simple and effective as compared to another pose for weight loss.

How to Cobra Pose:

Simply lay down on the surface with your stomach and raise your head with the chest. Place your both hands on the surface and that’s it.

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