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Veganism: Concept

It looks like the start of Veganism Phase, as more and more people these days tend to Veganism or becoming Vegan. With anything comes both Pros and Cons of it, and so do the Veganism do have its own Pros and Cons. But before moving towards the Veganism Pros and Cons, it is very essential for us to understand the concept of Veganism. Not only Veganism concept, but we also need to learn why people are becoming Vegan. So, let’s start with knowing what Veganism is.

Veganism: Concept

First of all, for those who feel that Veganism is just about a food diet, then they are wrong. As the concept of Veganism is much bigger than just the Vegan Food Diet. It is a kind of living where people are excluding all the products made from animals or are extracted from animals. And when we say all the products, then we not only mean the food items but we also mean the clothing, the accessories, and other products made from animal products.

Veganism Reduces the risk of different diseases


Those people who are following Veganism are trying to exclude more and more animal products from their life. But basically, people are starting it from their food items where they are excluding meat, egg, fish, dairy products, poultry items, etc. from their diet. In other words, we can say excluding all the food items partly or wholly made or extracted from animals. Veganism is helping in adopting different ways and alternatives to animal-free products available in the environment.

Why Veganism?

This concept came into existences because of saving animals from the animal cruelty and slavery. It is to save the animals from exploitation and for that, people are tending towards Veganism. The use of animals by human beings for different purposes including food, hunting, and different commodities involves animal exploitation in one or the other form. By adopting Veganism, at least we will be able to save life and exploitation of many animals around the world. This is the major reason why people are adopting Veganism. But there are some more reasons for it.

The other reason for Veganism is the health factor. So far it is considered as one of the healthy eating choices. We will discuss this in Pros and Cons of Veganism. But to add this factor, I would definitely say that there is no harm in eating green or plant-based food if we can save few animal lives every year. Many people are becoming Vegan because of the environmental factor as well. As it’s been said that there is a huge environmental change because of the life cycle. And we need to bring a change in it and if it can be done by adopting Veganism, than why not.

Veganism Vs Vegan Diet

Now, before we move ahead, this needs to get clear. Because Veganism and Vegan Diet have differences. Veganism is not only about the Vegan Diet which one needs to follow. But it is a kind of lifestyle where one need to abandon all the animal made products from their life. Whereas, when it comes to the Vegan Diet, so it is a diet which people adopting Veganism are following. And in the Vegan Diet, there will be no animal or animal-based products, no dairy products.

The concept of Veganism is far bigger than the Vegan Diet. Because Vegan Diet is just a part of the Veganism practice. And it is just one sector where people are trying to avoid consuming any animal-based food item.

But the vision of Veganism is bigger than that. As it not only promotes the Vegan Diet, but it also is about excluding the animal-based products in almost every sector even the cosmetics and medicine as well. So, people should not look at both Veganism and Vegan Diet as one thing as this diet is a component of Veganism.

Pros of Veganism

The research that whether Veganism is good or not is still going on. But we can see some of the pros of Veganism to look at its benefits. Let’s check the different Pros of Veganism.

Veganism Provides Complete Nutrition

When we talk about adopting Veganism, this is one major thing which people are talking about. That how will a Vegan Diet provide us complete nutrition? But we all need to understand this fact that a Vegan Diet can give us complete nutrition. By now we have learned that for more and more protein, we will have to rely on the animals, considering them our primary and main source of protein.

But we have failed to understand that even a vegan diet can fulfill our protein requirement. As the plant-based food also has enough protein to fulfill our body requirements. Not only the protein, but a plant-based diet can also provide us with other nutrition as well. Like minerals, vitamins, fats, etc. which we need for the healthy survival.

So, if we look at the complete picture, then we actually are getting more than what we get from a meat-based diet. Now, you can go for a Vegan Diet without worrying about your health. As you will get all the health benefits from a plant-based diet also just like the animal-based diet.

Veganism Provides a longer and better life

Plants are highly beneficial to us. And adopting Veganism means that we are going towards a plant-based diet also and we are going towards a greener life. Because not only in the diet, we will be bringing that change in almost every segment of our life.

It has been claimed also in many studies that going Vegan can increase the lifespan of a person by 3 to 4 years. Many such studies have been done claiming that adopting Veganism can increase the life of a person by a few years.

There are still many types of research going on this subject. But if we look otherwise also, then also it is true, because, with the help of Veganism and eating more plant-based food, we can keep us away from different diseases. And also, we cannot overlook the benefits of a plant-based diet and a go green life.

Veganism Provides us with alternatives for animal-based product

With the help of Science and Technology, we have developed a lot. And that is why in today’s world it is not impossible to have alternatives to the animal-based product. As we know that Veganism looks at a broader picture of stopping the use of animal-based products.

And that is why it is taking us towards the other side where we can use more natural and plant-based products instead of animal-based products. From food to clothing to medicines to cosmetics, everything has an alternative. So, we should say thanks to Veganism for making us look at the other alternatives as well.

Veganism Stops exploitation of Animals

As we have described the concept of Veganism above, so you all know that one of the reasons for adopting this is for stopping animal cruelty also. We all need to understand that just for our benefit, we cannot kill the animals. And even using animal products also somewhere means that we are supporting animal cruelty and exploitation. When we have alternatives for animal-based products, then why to use them. Even if we look at the health factor then also, a Vegan Diet can give us a good health, then we need not eat the animal extracted food or products just for our satisfaction.

For providing us animal-based products, the unethical killing of animals is done. Some are not killed but are harmed badly, they are kept in very poor condition. And all this just because we are using the animal-based product. So, saying yes to Veganism for the sake of stopping animals exploitation is a good reason.

Veganism Reduces the risk of different diseases

 Veganism also helps in preventing and saving us from different diseases as well. Many times, eating an animal-based diet can also cause different diseases or health ailments. It can even degrade our health condition and can cause a problem like kidney stones or gallstones, etc. Sometimes, the high protein diet can also cause health problems like kidney stones. So, taking a small portion of protein out of our diet will not harm us but it is going to benefit us only.

Also, because of the different minerals present in the vegetables, our immune system becomes strong. And our body can fight a number of diseases as well. A vegan diet will lower the risk of heart problems also like the cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, etc. Other than that, cutting animal products from the diet is also saving us from some chronic disease like colon cancer, etc.

So, these were the different Pros of Veganism. And by looking at these pros we can say that there is no harm in saying Yes to Veganism. We would also like to add one small point here and that is related to the environment. So, if looking at environment perspective also, Veganism is good to go. Because it is making us go towards a greener environment as we will be harvesting more crops and will be planting more trees for our survival.

Cons of Veganism

After looking at different Pros of Veganism, now its turn to check out the different cons of Veganism. So let’s have a look at the cons of Veganism.

Veganism is Difficult to adapt completely

For many people, it is difficult to adopt the Veganism completely. And the reason behind is that, when following Veganism, you not only have to avoid animal-based food items. But you also, have to avoid the other animal products also.

And many time because of unawareness one may take or consume anything which has an animal extract or is made from animal products. Like medicines, or any make-up or cosmetics, or accessories, etc.

Even sometimes food items also. Because, if by any chance you miss anything on the food label then also it is a problem. You cannot even dine out as you never know whatever they are serving is a complete Vegan Diet or does it have any animal-based product used in it. So, these all are the difficulties that are faced by many people who are trying to follow Veganism.

Veganism is Difficult to plan meals

However, this problem can be resolved over time by learning about different Vegan food items. But initially, one may face this issue also while planning their Vegan Diet. Because one needs to have the knowledge on the subject that what to include in a Vegan Diet and what not. And especially when it comes to choosing products from a supermarket. As you will have to check the label and have to ensure that it is an animal-free product.

Veganism includes Limited options for food

 As per the non-vegans, there is limited food option for Vegans. And that is why people feel that adopting Veganism will limit their diet. Or they may have to repeat the same food again and again. Also, they feel that there are places in the world where major population relies on animal-based food products. So, in that case, finding something for a Vegan will be difficult.

Missing out on the healthy Saturated Fats

Looking at the health perspective, so according to non-vegans, the one who following the Vegan Diet miss out on the healthy saturated fats. As a plant or vegetable-based diet is not able to fulfill the need of saturated fats.

And they are also essential because they are required for the functioning of the immune system and nervous system. Whereas, the animal-based food products can fulfill the requirement of healthy saturated fats. This is also one of the reasons for why people don’t want to turn into a Vegan and don’t want to leave their animal-based diet.

You have read both Pros and Cons of Veganism now. And if you are to start the Veganism, then now after going through all these factors, you can decide it on your own that whether you want to go for it or not. We hope that these points can help you in taking a better decision.

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