Using prunes for constipation and its other benefits

do prunes help you poop

If you are not aware of what Prunes are, then you should know that prunes are just the dried plums. Many people do not like the prunes but they are really good for the health. Generally, people use prunes for constipation also. Apart from constipation, the prunes have other uses also because of being highly nutritious. In the taste, Prunes are sweet and people also prefer taking prune juice.

Prunes for Constipation

So you all should know that how you can use the Prunes for constipation. Mostly when people feel constipated, they try different home remedies. So trying the Prunes is also not a bad idea. Generally, constipation occurs because of a diet with low-fiber, no activity, some medication or medical conditions related to digestive system or even in pregnancy also. It also occurs because of the overeating.

According to different researches and studies, it has been believed that Prunes can be the most effective method for treating constipation. You can use the Prune Juice or normal Prunes for constipation. Simply, eating the Prunes, or having the Prune Juice can be very effective for getting relief from constipation. And this is because Prunes have the nutrients which can cure constipation.

One can use the Prunes for constipation in both adults and children. But before giving the Prune Juice to children or to adults, one should know the dosage. You can check the amount of Prune Juice you can give to anybody from your doctor. The Prune Juice will help in easing the bowel movement and then curing constipation.

Other Benefits of Prunes

Apart from the Prunes for constipation, it can be used for other purposes also as it has different benefits. Below we are writing few benefits of Prunes which you all can check.

prunes for constipation

  • Prune Juice can even help in preventing the Haemorrhoids also. The Haemorrhoids are basically caused due to the problem in the bowel movements because of the hard bowel. Even one of the reason for the Haemorrhoids is constipation also. And as we already told you above that prunes are very effective and useful for the treatment of constipation so one can rely on it for hemorrhoids treatment. So consuming Prune Juice can help in preventing and curing both.
  • The Prune Juice or even the normal prunes can also benefit the people who have Anaemia. As Prunes are rich in iron so they can be helpful for the Anaemia patients. Regular consumption of Prune Juice can really help in Anaemia.
  • Weight Loss is becoming a big issue all over the world. As for the obese people, it is not that easy to lose weight by keeping themselves energized. But Prunes can help in that also. As they can provide you the energy you need because of their nutritional count. And other than that, the Prunes have the insoluble fiber in them. So, consuming the Prunes will make you feel full and you will not end up eating more. So add this fruit to your diet today only if you are following a weight loss diet.
  • Being rich in antioxidants, the Prunes can help in the heart-related diseases also. As the antioxidants in the Prunes can prevent the bad cholesterol from building up in the arteries. So it saves from any heart-related issues or any heart-related disorder.
  • One can consume the Prunes for lowering their blood pressure also. As the Prunes have Potassium in it. And the Potassium helps in controlling and lowering the blood pressure. So in case if you have a problem related to the blood pressure you can consume prunes.

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  • Prunes can be helpful in controlling the blood sugar also. It can control or decrease the rate of absorption of glucose in your body. Apart from that, the insulin sensitivity can also be increased by consuming the Prunes. So it can even save us from the problem of Diabetes.
  • When it comes to the hair growth, then also prunes can be helpful. Because of the minerals present in the Prunes, it can help in the nourishment of the scalp and the hair both. Because of the consumption of the Prunes, your hair roots will become strong. And you will have a full volume of shiny and long hair. Also, you can consume the Prune Juice for your hair health. Because of the vitamins sources in the Prunes, they can be effective for the healthy hair. Prunes have Vitamin C and Vitamin B present in them, and these vitamins and minerals can strengthen your hair roots and will protect your hair from the damage and split ends also.
  • Because of the presence of different minerals in the Prune, it can be a good fruit for the one suffering from the mineral deficiency. As Prunes have calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc. in it. And all these minerals are very essential for our body and our health.
  • Just like the minerals, the Prunes do have many Vitamins also present in it. And these vitamins can be helpful for our overall growth, our health, our skin, and different other purposes also. Prunes have Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, etc. vitamins in it which means a lot of nutrients in just one single fruit. So you should not keep yourself away from it.
  • Prunes are good for our skin treatment and for protecting our skin from different skin problems. Whether it is the problem of Acne or dullness or ageing of the skin, the Prunes are good for all. As they help in cleaning and flushing out the toxins from our body and also they have the antioxidants in it. So they can really be helpful for our skin treatment.

There are different benefits of prunes other than these. So now instead of using Prunes for constipation, you have different other reasons also for why to consume Prunes or Prune Juice. But for any severe medical issues or in case of allergies, do check with your doctor before consuming it.

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