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sesame oil benefits

Sesame oil which is extracted from the seeds of sesame. Highly beneficial and used in many ways, this oil has some really good qualities. In many countries, the sesame oil is being used but is majorly used in India and also in some parts of China. From cooking to cosmetics, this oil is used for many purposes which we will read below.

Sesame oil can be extracted in different ways. From pressing and crushing the sesame seeds manually to the other intensive methods of extracting the oil from the seeds. It varies from extracting the oil by hot pressing or either by cold pressing all these methods are used. You can easily find it in the market and even can order it from the online store as well.

In many cosmetics also, you will find the use of sesame seed or sesame oil being a major ingredient. We always suggest you check the process of extraction of sesame oil before purchasing it. And the best is to use the cold pressed extracted sesame oil. As that oil has more benefits in comparison to the other being extracted in other ways. Because they have more of the nutrients present in them.

Before knowing the benefits of sesame oil let’s learn a little bit about which nutrients are present in the sesame oil which make them very useful. The sesame oil contains vitamin B1 in it. Apart from that, there are many minerals also like calcium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, etc. in it. These all make it healthy for our body also and our skin also.

Now let’s check different benefits of Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel

Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel For the health of heart

Sesame Oil comes in the category of healthy oil only. It has polyunsaturated fatty acids in it. And that is why it can help in lowering the cholesterol level also. It is very healthy for your heart as it can save you or can reduce the risk of getting a heart attack or heart stroke.

Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel For the health of bones

Sesame oil has some minerals in it which are helpful in strengthening the bones. It has minerals like copper, calcium, and zinc which are good and essential for the growth and development of a healthy bone. You all may use this oil in your regular food for keeping problems related to the bone at bay.

Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel Works as a sunscreen

Yes, it’s true, that even sesame oil can work as a sunscreen for your skin. But not for the regular use. Because it may not have that much effect. So, in case you step out in the sunny weather, and you do not have sunscreen, then you can use this oil also as a protection from the UV rays which are harmful to our skin.

Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel Works as a moisturizer for skin

Along with the sunscreen, the Sesame Oil can act as a good moisturizer as well. Especially for those who have dry skin can use the sesame oil in both winters and summers. Just a few drops of this oil can keep your skin moisturized for long. And as it has no chemicals in it so the chances of damaging the skin are also less.

Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel For removal of dandruff

Dandruff is the very common hair problem these days. And most of us face this problem now and then. Some during the summers and some during the winters. But we do face this problem. But when you have a natural home remedy for it, then why to worry. Sesame oil can be used for the removal of dandruff from your hair and scalp. You just need to massage it on your scalp before going to bed at night and then wash it the next morning. If you will do this regularly, you will be able to remove dandruff easily.

Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel For controlling hair fall

Sesame Oil For removal of dandruff

Are you suffering from the problem of hair fall? Then you must try this method to get rid of the hair fall problem. gingelly oil can be used for the hair fall purpose as it helps in nourishing the hair and also makes them thick. It enhances the hair growth which leads to less hair fall.

Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel Good for teeth

Sesame oil is helpful for your teeth because it can help in whitening your teeth. There is a method called oil pulling. In this method, you will need to have sesame oil inside your mouth. And then like you do gargle in the morning, do it for some time and spit the oil out. This method is used from old time for bringing the white shine to the teeth.

Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel Prevents skin infections

Because of the pollution these days, having a bacterial infection on the skin is common. But you have the sesame oil which has some good anti-inflammatory properties and is also good in curing different skin infections as well. It can cure skin infections like eczema also.

Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel Can be used for detoxifying

In the environment, we are living today, it’s natural that we are getting in touch with many toxic substances which are harmful to us and our skin as well. And these toxins are more likely to damage our skin cells and pollute our skin. But then the safety is also in our hands only. Sesame oil has some really good properties for removing these toxins from the skin. So, you can apply it to your skin before going to bed or in the evening itself. And then can wash off later on to remove the toxins.

Sesame Oil or Til Ka Tel Good for Cracked Heel

There are many people around us, who have the problem of cracked heels. So, you can make use of gingelly oil for healing your cracked heels now. Just apply it at night on your cracked heels and let it be there overnight. Do it for few days and you will yourself see that how fast your cracked heels are healed.

Til Ka Tel Good for Cracked Heel

Other than the benefits we mentioned above, there are some more benefits of Sesame Oil which are boosting metabolism, fighting inflammation, curing damaged skin cells, controlling blood pressure, for digestion, etc.

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