Sirsasana yoga pose benefits

sirsasana for beginners

People throughout the world are suffering from lots of health problems due to the fast pace of life. People don’t have enough time to take care of their health themselves. As the time is passing, new types of diseases are found in people. People spend a heftyamount on money to get rid of health diseases but most of the time they are not effective.

Moreover, medicine also causesmuch serious health problems. According to the report from world health organization, more than 200 million people throughout the world are suffering from a problem that is caused due to the negative effect of consuming the medicals. After many years of study, most of the fitness and health experts find, doing yoga will help you to recover from many different types of health diseases. The major key point behind preferring yoga is that it is free of cost. There is no need to spend money if you want to practice the yoga.

There are lots of different type of yoga postures developed for almost every single type of health diseases. Every yoga pose has their own benefits. Today we will talk about one of the most powerful yogic poses i.e. sirsasana. This is basically a headstand pose that is preferred by lots of yoga gurus and people throughout the world.

If you are suffering from a headache, sexual problem, hair fall, or any other then, you can try this pose. There are loads of benefits of performing this pose from health to the internal mind. Performing this yoga pose is not an easy job. It requires some special skill that everybody doesn’t have. You can try this pose by taking proper expert advice because a single wrong step can give you long-term negative effect.

Engaging with Sirsasana, you will get instant relief from a problem like a headache, ski condition, diabetes, and many others. You will find a wide range of other benefits by practicing this yoga pose. This yoga pose will also improve the blood circulation and give you freshness and relief from stress and anxiety. Want to know more benefits of sirsasana yoga pose in detail? Follow the below part to know about benefits of sirsasana.

Benefits of sirsasana:

sirsasana can Improve brain power:

As we know the brain is a center point of any human or animal body. The brain will allow person or animal to take a decision. A healthy brain is necessary in order to take a correct decision at the correct time. You can perform this yoga pose to improve your level of thinking and take the right decision to perform efficient work.

sirsasana can Give you rid from a headache and migraine:

There are lots of people especially women are suffering from head-relatedproblems such as a headache and migraine. Practicing this yoga pose for more than one or two weeks will give you a positive result,unlike medicines. The effectiveness ofsirsasana is great to get rid ofa headache or a migraine.

sirsasana can Relief from anxiety:

Suffering from anxiety? According to the report from WHO, there are lots of people are suffering from the same problem. Practicing sirsasana will help you in reducing the stress from your mind and give you freshness. There are lots of many other diseases resolved by practicing this asana.

sirsasana can cure Diabetes:

Diabetes is the problem that is face by millions of people all across the world. Like another yoga asana, this yoga pose will also help in reducing the diabetes level. Recovering from diabetes will take a couple of weeks,unlike any medicine. It is always advisable for yoga gurus to practice yoga daily if you are suffering from diabetes.

sirsasana can cure Sexual disorder:

Sirsasana is a great way to treat sexual disorder problems like leucorrhea, hydrocele, and many others. This yoga posture will improve the blood flow on your body and transfer it from every sensitive area of your body. If you are suffering from any sexual disorders then, you must try this pose to get a positive result in few weeks. This is pose is recommended by lots of people throughout the world to get effective result.

sirsasana can also cure Hair fall:

Hair fall is the major problem these days with that lots of people are suffering from. There are lots of women throughout the world are suffering from hair fall especially women who are suffering from more than 30 years old. Sirsasana will help you in reducing the hair fall.

sirsasana can Improve eye sight:

In this computerized world, from teenager to old age, people are suffering from weak eye vision problem. To improve their eye vision, people try to wear goggles. To improve the eye sight, you can also rely on sirsasana.

Steps to practice sirsana:

Step 1: First of all, you have interlock your fingers and place it on your back head.

Step 2: Now, you have to raise your legs and down your head. Try to stand with your head like in the picture below.

Step 3: After that, try to make the balance in the same position.

Step 4: Once the balance is properly maintained, try to inhale and exhale for 10 to 30 seconds, relax and practice again.

Step 5: Relax and close your eyes for a couple of seconds and slowly breathe in and breathe out.

Step 6: Once you successfully practice the asana, down your legs slowly to the ground to back to the normal posture.


  • Try to keep your body in a vertical posture and don’t move backward or forward to maintain the balance.
  • If you are heavy weight then, don’t try to do.
  • Suffering from heath problem? This asana is not for you.
  • If you are pregnant or menstruation then, don’t try this pose without consulting the yoga expert.
  • If you are hand or neck is not strong enough then, forcefully try this posture. A wrong step causesa serious


Hopefully, now you have learned about sirsasana and it benefits. After scrutinizing this article, we find this yoga posture is best for you if you want to get rid of a headache, migraine, or any head problem.

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