Saraca Asoca Medicinal Uses and it’s Benefits

Saraca Asoca Medicinal Uses

Ashok (Saraca asoca) is a little immortal tree. The leaves square measure alternate, compound, stipulate, massive & spreading horizontally. This tree has orange colored flowers with a pretty aroma. 7-8 stamens are originated in flower. Fruits are flat, coriaceous and flat pods as well as 6-8 seeds within. The bark is apparently dark green to chromatic gray in color. It is even with transversally ridged & circular lenticels.

Saraca asoca is an evergreen bush or little tree with a spreading crown; it will get older to ten meters tall. The bole will be 10cm in diameter.

There are lots of saraca asoca medicinal uses and it is a very important drug in Ayurveda, getting used on its own and in an exceptionally vary of formulations, it’s harvested from the wild and oversubscribed in native markets. Saraca asoca is one among the foremost vital sacred trees in Republic of India, each among Hindus and Buddhists, the handsome flowers being usually used as temple decorations. The tree is often fully grown as a decorative.

This little tree has become vulnerable in some elements that its vary primarily through the loss of its surround and development for medicinal use.

Ashoka tree is one of the ancient trees of Indian history. It’s usually referred to as a tree that is very important to decrease your sorrows. This tree has nice nonsecular significance and is additionally idolized by some individuals in elements of the Republic of India.

saraca asoca for Complexion

It is primarily used for the management of feminine procreative issues. Ashoka or saraca asoca medicinal uses are incredible and it is additionally a general herb for management of painful conditions within the body.

The tree is usually found within the Indian landmass. The Latin name of the plant is saraca asoca and it belongs to the Fabaceae family.

The bark of this tree is wealthy in tannins, steroids, flavonoids, essential oil, glycosides, and varied internal secretion glycosides. Leaves contain wide-ranging carbohydrates, tannins, acid. Flowers are wealthy in Caracas, steroids, Sara Cain, carbohydrates, waxy substances, and proteins. Seeds of this plant contain different fatty acids like octadecanoic acid, oleic, palmitic and linoleic. saraca asoca medicinal uses are beneficial especially for women.

Flowers are typical to be seen throughout the year, however, it’s in January associate degreed Gregorian calendar month that the copiousness of orange and scarlet clusters turns the tree into an object of surprising beauty.

fastened closely on to each branch and twig, these clusters include varied, small, long-tubed flowers, that open out into four oval lobes. Young leaves are soft, red and limp and stay pendent even once attaining full size. The straight or saber formed pods, stiff, leathery, broad and concerning eight inches long, is red and fleshy before ripening

Practical Uses from Saraca Asoca

  • Ashoka has cooling properties. It’s terribly helpful for the body to bring down extreme temperature within the organs due to exhaustion or secretion imbalance. This herb helps to manage blood arrangement and calm blood flow creating it optimally offered to any or all the body elements.
  • Its pain relieving action will facilitate pain, swelling, and pain at any site of the body. In females, it’s ordinarily used to normalize hormones and menstrual cycles. It improves the strength and energies in young females having menstrual irregularities.
  • Many times combination of Aloe vera and Ashoka is given to females to boost their reproductive health and blood condition. Anemia that may be a quite common unhealthiness in females is additionally recovered with the correct combination of herbs alongside Ashok derivatives.
  • It does not solely work on the female internal reproductive organ structures however additionally help to cleanse the system. In order that any quite microbial infestation that will be inflicting mucous secretion and differently associated infections in feminine procreative organs may be checked.
  • Like Arjuna, Ashoka is additionally an internal organ tonic which will act as a validator medical aid for individuals stricken by high blood pressure, circulatory issues, swelling & symptom heart disease etc.
  • Its bark has natural detoxification properties that increase skin tone and keep the body open from toxins within out. The natural cleansing properties will facilitate the body to remain poison free. Once the body features a ton of toxic load free radicals are made. These free radicals then begin damaging the body cells and everyone signs of aging, malady, and malfunctions are made.
  • Ashoka bark acts as a fluid and helps to alleviate thirst, excessive burning feeling, anger, skinniness, sweating etc. These are all common signs of pitta aggravation which may be eased with the utilization of Ashok bark in numerous ways.

It additionally, it has some digestive properties. Common issues of digestion like swelling, gassiness, burping, flatulent pain in abdomen & pathology etc. may be reduced with the utilization of Ashoka. it’s not precisely an on the spot indication of the herb however it will facilitate as a result of all diseases have root from a defective gut and digestive system.

Ashoka tree provides many health control benefits. Besides, it’s been coupled with Indian ancient medication to alleviate and treat several health conditions.

saraca asoca medicinal uses are really helpful for the different disease

  • saraca asoca for Uterus disorders – Ashoka is basically utilized in treating the feminine disorders likewise as within the treatment of the many gynecologic disorders. Its accustomed manages feminine disorders together with congestion, discomfort, pain and excessive hemorrhage. Moreover, it’s useful in providing relief for abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, and female internal reproductive organ spasms. Besides, it serves economical tonic for optimum functioning of the female internal reproductive organ.
  • saraca asoca for Piles – Ashoka tree flowers are helpful in treating piles. It helps to cure the symptoms of piles likewise as obtaining relief from piles.
  • saraca asoca for Pain – The tree has analgesic properties that are extremely useful in soothing the nerves that were aggravated by the data component. saraca asoca medicinal uses are really helpful for this particular diseases.
  • saraca asoca for Complexion – Ashok tree is additionally very good for the skin. The herb is useful in enhancing the skin’s complexion. It’s accustomed to eliminating toxins from the body. Besides, it purifies the blood & prevents skin allergies. – saraca asoca medicinal uses are good.
  • saraca asoca for Diabetes – The dried powder of Ashok tree flowers appear to be helpful in dominant polygenic disease.

saraca asoca Effect on cancer

Ashoka isn’t solely effective against carcinoma or as known as skin cancer; analysis has shown that the flowers of the Ashoka tree have the capability to kill cancer cells within the body still. in line with ‘Phytochemical and pharmacologic Importance of Saraca Indica’, “The antineoplastic principle from Saraca indica flowers indicated fifty % toxicity Dalton’s malignant neoplastic disease and Sarcoma-180 tumor cells at an amount of thirty eight mug and fifty four mug severally, with no activity against traditional lymphocytes however discriminatory activity for lymphocytes derived from cancer patients. The bark of the Ashoka tree has conjointly well-tried effective against cancer.

Another study, during which Saraca Asoca bark extract (SAE) was used, confirmed that Ashoka bark’s phenolic resin, flavonoid, and acid content are to blame for the herb’s ability to forestall cell mutation. in line with the study ‘Antimutagenic and Genoprotective Effects of Saraca Asoca Bark Extract. Presence of phenolics and flavonoids has been reported to exhibit broad differ of biological activities in vitro and in vivo, together with the medicinal drug.

The parts of the flowers that are used for the medicinal purpose:

The stem barks and seed.

  • Stems are used to decorate the house because it is very much popular for its divine smell.
  • Seeds and flowers of the tree are very much useful to make gynecological medicines because its help to solve the various problems related to that.
  • Ketosterol is the main ingredient of the bark. If any female has a uterine disorder then it tries to reduce internal fibroids.
  • If you are suffering from stomach worms then the bark of Ashok is also very helpful medicine for you.
  • Sometimes we get the irritating burning sensation. The ointments and capsule that are made from Ashok reduce that sensation as well.

There are other benefits that you can get from Ashok tree like if you are suffering from diabetes or if you have diarrhea then it can help to cure those all. saraca asoca medicinal uses are really good.

But before using the capsule that is made from Ashok tree, you need to one thing and that goes to our doctor and tells them all about your health issue and list of medication that you are having currently. it can effect badly on your health, especially for women. Cause most of the medicine that is being produced from this tree, are useful for women.

Ashoka has no well-known side-effects and is safe and effective once in the right dosages. However, Ashoka ought to be avoided by pregnant ladies, because, whereas Ashoka is terribly helpful in treating women infertility, exploitation the herb throughout pregnancy will encourage an abortion. Overall, Ashoka is associate astonishingly utile herb and that we can expect to see more analysis studies on this medicinal tree within the future. As we can see there are not that much side effects Ashoka has. So it is kind of star tree in the world of Ayurveda.

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