Right Way to Brush Teeth

the proper way to brush teeth

Just like our other body organs, we should also take care of our teeth. Because, like the health of other vital organs, oral health is equally important. Else, you may have to deal with a problem like mouth sores, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, bad breath, etc. We all brush our teeth regularly, and even twice a day. But still, many of us don’t exactly know that what the right way to brush teeth is.

We spend a lot of time brushing but our technique is not right. So, here with the help of this article, we are going to share with you the right way to brush teeth. We have mentioned step by step process for brushing your teeth for a good oral health.

how to brush teeth

the proper way to brush teeth

Start with flossing

Flossing is very important, which we all neglect. It helps in cleaning between the teeth which otherwise gets neglected. So, start with flossing and then we will move to brush the teeth. Once you are done with flossing, wet the toothbrush using water and then apply toothpaste on it.

Brush the back teeth

The best way to start brushing your teeth is to start by brushing one side of your back teeth or upper molars. Brush in circular motions, in a clockwise direction. The bush should be held in a 45-degree angle making toothbrush bristles pointing to the gum line. Do it for 15 to 20 seconds, and then take the brush away from the gum line by rolling it. This will help in taking out the leftover food in between the teeth and the plaque from the teeth.

Brush the lower molars

Now using the same technique, which you used above that is brushing in circular motions in a clockwise direction, brush your lower molars. And do the same what you did with upper molars in the above step. The brush should be in the same angle and then roll it away by taking out the food particles and plaque away.

Brush the back of your upper and lower front teeth

In this case, the toothbrush bristles should be pointed at the gum line. For cleaning back of upper front teeth, brush the teeth by bringing the brush downwards towards the tooth surface for 3 to 4 times. And for cleaning back of lower front teeth, move the bristles in the upward direction taking them away from the gum line. Do this also twice or thrice.

Brush upper surface of teeth

Brushing upper surface or you can say from where you bite. Brush in a circular motion by brushing both the lower and the upper molars & premolars, cleaning your biting surface.

Do brush your tongue and other surfaces also

Along with the teeth, you need to clean your tongue, and the surface of your cheeks and upper mouth also clean. As these is also the part of oral health. And not cleaning them may leave your mouth with bad breath. Don’t be so rough on the surface or tongue, clean them gently by brushing in a circular motion.

Rinse your mouth

At last, you know what you need to do. Just rinse your mouth using water or mouthwash.

So, now you know how to brush your teeth right. And you can start following this right method from today itself.


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