Outfits that make you look thinner for girls

summer outfits that make you look thinner

Dresses play a huge role in enhancing our beauty. We all want to look beautiful and trendy and want to be a reason for envy when it comes to dresses. Depending on our weight outfits are available in all kinds of sizes. We should be aware of the sizes which should suit our needs and buy dresses accordingly. Whether we are in the perfect shape or have a plus size, we all want to look slim and trim and outfits play a great role in making us look slim or over-sized.

There are certain dresses whose patterns are such that when wore they add more volume to our body and as a result we look fatter than we actually are. On the contrary, there are outfits which even after wearing by healthy and bulky ladies make them look thinner and slimmer. Sometimes you might need to mix and match certain outfits to add that extra spark in your fashion taste and look much thinner than you actually are.

Let us discuss about certain outfits that make you look thinner:

Wear a colorful belt to look thinner :

outfits that make you look thinner

It has been seen wearing a bright coloured belt at your waist which is of different colour than your top wear and bottom wear, makes your waist look much thinner and your body in shape.

Go for a crop –top to look thinner:

It has been seen that if you wear a crop-top which is bigger than your actual size, you can end up looking much thinner and slimmer.

Go for a skirt instead of trousers:

If you are one of those who want to hide their mid-line and bulky hips, wearing a big and flowy skirt can hide the regions you want to hide and make you look beautiful also. So, if there are informal occasions where you can skip the trousers, go for a skirt instead.

Printed outfits to look thinner:

It has been seen that having prints on upper and bottom wear can alter the focus of the beholders from your plus size to that of the bizarre prints on your outfits making you look thinner

Ripped Jeans to look thinner:

Vertical-Stripes to look slimmer

They are very much in fashion in now make you look trendy and slimmer when you wear them.

Black-Magic to look thinner:

We all know that outfits in black make us conceal the extra curves and fats in our body and make us look pretty much in shape. So wearing something in black is always safe when it comes to hiding our curves.

Make a unique pair:

White , like black , is also a colour for all seasons. A white shirt with blue jeans can never go wrong. Also pairing up a white top with a brightly coloured pencil skirt can make you look enviable and in the perfect shape.

Vertical-Stripes to look thinner:

We all know that stripes look us thinner than plain dresses and when it comes to the type of stripes, vertical stripes are better than the horizontal ones , in order to hide our curves. They make us look slimmer and help us to hide the unwanted fats in the unwanted regions. So striped tops are great outfits that make you look thinner.

Go for a jacket if the weather permits:

Most of the times there is excessive fat deposition in the arms, shoulders and back which looks very ugly no matter what we wear. So coverin our outfit with a light coloured jacket can do wonders and make us look slimmer instantly.

Go for geometric patterns to look thinner:

Dresses which have geometric shapes and patterns will reduce the extra volume from your body and and make you look cool and comfortable and is great choice of outfits that make you look thinner.

Go for a shirt instead of a top:

Shirts can never go old and is a must have in your wardrobe. Their crisp shapes make you look slimmer and smarter and give more edge to your personality.

Sleeve-magic to look thinner:

Mid-length sleeves make you look slimmer than short or long sleeves. So if you can wear sleeves covering your full upper arm, can make you look much slimmer.


Although a tucked shirt or top look smart and decent, the un-tucked look make you look thinner and smarter. You can opt for a shirt or top which goes till your hips and pair it up with a mini-skirt or a short till your knee and eventually gift yourself the outfits that make you look thinner and trendier.

Junk necklaces to look thinner:

geometric patterns to look slimmer

wearing an off-shoulder top with a heavy piece of junk necklace will make everone’s attention diverted towards your accessories rather than those extra kilos at your arms and shoulders eventually making you look slick.

We hope that the above tips about outfits that make you look thinner will help you to carry yourself with more grace and confidence irrespective of your size.

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