How to take care of a parakeet?

budgie lifespan in captivity

Parakeets are very attractive birds and also they are one of the very popular and common pet birds. But they need a lot of involvement when it comes to taking care of them. And if you know how to take care of a parakeet, then your parakeet can live long for around 15 – 16 years.

The parakeets are very small birds, but the smaller they are, the more care and affection they need. From their diet to their health, their cage, their cleanliness, you need to take proper care of everything. Here we will give you the instructions on how to take care of a parakeet. If you have a pet parakeet, do follow these instructions.

Tips to take care of a parakeet or Budgie bird

Healthy Diet

From the old times, the people are feeding seed mix to the parakeets. But you all need to know that your parakeet also needs change and complete nutrition. And alone the seed mix cannot provide the complete nutrition to the parakeets. So you should get varied food items for your parakeets to add them to your parakeet’s diet. On different pet stores, you can get the varied food available for your parakeet. You can also offer your parakeet some fruits like Apple, Peaches, Bananas, Papaya, Kale, Carrots, etc. Also, you can give sprouts, hot and sweet peppers, peas, etc.

Avoid these food items for your Parakeet

Above we told you what food item you need to include in the diet of parakeet. Here we will tell you about how to take care of a parakeet by avoiding these food items. You can feed apple to your parakeets but make sure the apple seeds are not going inside so remove them before giving them the apple. Avoid giving Garlic, Onion, Junk Food, Sugary Food, Chocolates, Avocado, etc. to your parakeets. These are considered very toxic for your parakeets.

Give company to your parakeet

Parakeets are very fun birds and they entertain a lot. Also, they love to be in a company of some or the other. This is one of the important guidelines on how to take care of a parakeet. Make sure that you and the other members of your home can give company to the parakeet. As they will love your company. Also, at times when you are not there, try to place a mirror, as the mirror will not make them feel lonely. If you have other birds then that is really good as then you will not need to place the mirror. And also you will not have to give them the company all the time. But make sure you give them company enough to develop a bond between you and your parakeet and also with other humans.

Get toys for your parakeet

As we already told you that parakeets are fun loving birds and so they love to play with toys also. You can find toys for your parakeet. But make sure that they are not very small that they become a choking hazard for your parakeet. You can get different toys and can keep rotating them so that your parakeet does not get bored. The toys can vary from the ring to the beads or bells. The parakeets love to play with noisy toys or the toys which they can easily hold from their feet and their beak.

Keep their Cage Clean

Make sure that you provide a healthy and clean habitat to your parakeet. And you can do it by cleaning their cage often. The Parakeets poops after every small interval. So make sure that you clean it often and if there are any toys or perches inside the cage, do take them out and then clean the cage. Make sure you clean the perches and toys also before keeping them inside the cage.

Parakeets should exercise regularly

Take your parakeet out every day so that they can run regularly and can fly also. But before taking them out of the cage, close the windows and the doors properly. This will help your parakeet to lead a healthy life.

Now you know how to take care of a budgie. In case of any illness, you can see and consult a vet also for your parakeet’s health.

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