How to Remove Fat from Nose?

Ginger to Remove Fat from Nose

Nose is a very significant part of the face. Who does not wants a thin and long nose which would add to the beauty of the face? There are many people who go for expensive surgeries so that they can remove fat from nose nose which is really very expensive for a common man.

However, that should not stop you from getting the desired shape of the nose. In this article, we will provide you with some handy tips and exercises that would help you to remove fat from nose.

Do it yourself (DIY) tips:

To remove fat from nose use these simple ingredients that are available in your home.

  • Toothpaste- would you believe if I tell you that toothpaste really helps in reducing the size of the nose? Yes, this is true. You do not need expensive or fancy things to get your dreamlike nose. All you need is,
  1. A teaspoon of toothpaste
  2. A teaspoon of ginger powder
  3. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

Preparing the DIY: preparing this homely remedy is really easy, you would need to follow these simple steps,

How to Remove Fat from Nose?

  1. Take all of the above ingredients and they are needed to be mixed in a bowl.
  2. Then you would need to take up a facial brush and spread the mixture evenly on the nose.
  3. The mixture should be left on the nose for the next 30 minutes.
  4. Then you would need to rinse your nose with clean water. You can also do that by dipping a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar and then wiping your nose with the same.

To get the desired result, this remedy should be followed without fail and you will be able to see a difference after 10 days. If you feel a burning sensation, do not worry about that as this might happen because of the ginger powder. If the burning sensation is beyond endurance, then you would need to reduce the quantity of ginger in the mixture.

  • Ginger to remove fat from nose – ginger can prove to be a very effective product in reducing nose fat because of its ability to reduce fatty acids. Ginger has toning and antioxidant properties which help in removing scars and pigmentation as well.

Preparation- the preparation of this home remedy is really easy and all you need to do is mix a tablespoon of ginger powder with water to make a fine paste. Then apply this paste on your nose, leave it there for a couple of minutes and then wash it with cold water. To see visible results, please follow this DIY regularly.

  • Ice cubes to remove fat from nose – Rubbing ice cubes on the nose is another simple way of reducing nose size as ice cubes help to reduce bloating.

Preparation- this remedy does not need any preparation as such, all you need to do is, wrap some ice cubes in a towel and dab it on your nose. Do this for 15 minutes for two or three times each day and you will definitely feel your nose to be less bloated.

  • Essential Oils to remove fat from nose – massaging the nose with essential oils would also help to remove fat from nose including bloating and getting that perfect shape for your nose. They are a good option for your skin as well as they come from nature.
  • Preparation to remove fat from nose – these herbal fatty acid reducing oils does not need any preparation. You would need to take a few drops in your palm and then massage it on your nose. This treatment should be followed daily so that you can get visible results.

Some Exercising tips to remove fat from nose

Nothing can be better than exercising to reduce any kind of body fat including nose fat. Here is a list of some exercises that you can do daily to attain that perfectly shaped nose.

  • Nose shaping – if you are someone who does not like the shape of your nose then this is the perfect exercise for you. Performing this exercise on a daily basis will definitely reduce the size of your nose and would give it the desired shape.
  1. Using your index finger, press one side of your nose and then you would need to breathe out with force.
  2. Applying pressure on the bottom side of your nose would give you the desired result but do check up the force with which you breathe out, It should not be too much.
  3. You would need to repeat this exercise 10 times.
  • Nose shortening – this simple exercise will help you to get the desired nose shape without affecting the cartilage.
  1. The index finger should be kept on the tip of your nose and then you need to press it gently.
  2. With the help of the finger, exert a downward pressure on the nose.
  3. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can.
  • Nose straightening – this is an amazing exercise which is truly best among all others as it helps in building the side muscles of the nose. All you need to do is,
  1. Bring a smile to your face, and then exert upward pressure on your nose.
  2. This exercise must be repeated 20 to 30 times daily.
  • Yoga Breathing – Yoga is undoubtedly one of the most effective exercises that have numerous benefits. This exercise is not only good for your nose but your body as a whole.
  1. You need to sit in a comfortable position and then with the help of your fingers, you would need to block one nostril and inhale with the other.
  2. After holding for a few seconds, release the nostril that you have held previously and exhale the air from there.
  3. Repeat the same process for the other nostril as well.
  4. You can perform 3 sets with 10 repetitions each.
  • Nose Wiggling – To remove fat from nose this is more of a muscle building exercise than a nose shaping one. All you need to do is,
  1. Wiggle your nose but make sure that your face is in a still position.
  2. For best results, repeat this exercise at least once
  • Nose massaging – this exercise have multiple benefits including curing headaches and to remove fat from nose. The perfect way to do this exercise is by
  1. Massage all the parts of the nose including the tip, bridge, and side.
  2. You would need to massage the nose in a circular motion for about 5 minutes daily.
  • Elimination of the smile line – this simple exercise would help you to attain the desired result, you would need to
  1. Fill up your mouth with air and swish the air to all directions and do not forget to hold the air for five seconds in each area.
  2. After touching each area with air, you would need to release the same.
  3. You would need to repeat this exercise daily.

If you need an instant result for nose slimming because you need to look perfect in that big event, then you can follow these simple makeup tips which would make it look as if you remove fat from nose, the simple tips include:


  • Choosing the right product and the correct shade- you should always pick up a shade that is either darker or lighter than your natural skin tone to make your nose look perfect. You can choose between powder based and a cream based foundation. For your eyes, you can opt for the matte shadow that is two tones darker than your natural tone. Avoid using shimmers and highlighters on your face.
  • Getting hold of the right brushes is very important to do the correct contouring. In case you are using a powder based makeup then opt for a soft bristled brush and for cream based makeup choose a stiff bristled one.
  • Primer is really important before applying the makeup as it would reduce pores on your skin. Foundation of same skin tone as of yours is needed to do a perfect makeup, also blend it properly all over the face.
  • Contouring is really important as it will make your face look slimmer as a whole. Applying contours at the side and top of your nose would make it look in shape and smaller.

Things you need to avoid to remove fat from nose:

  1. Lipstick with light shades because if you apply lipstick with a darker shade then it will draw all the attention towards the bold color.
  2. Wearing heavy eye make as it will draw the attention towards the center of your face ultimately focussing on the nose.
  3. Having thin eyebrows would make your nose look bigger.
  4. Having straight and thin hair would make people focus more on your nose, so if you have a curly voluminous hair, that would draw all the attention towards it.
  5. Wearing the correct accessories would also focus the attention towards it rather than your nose.

All of these tips are temporary ways to make your nose look in shape instantly if you want to remove fat from nose permanently, you should follow the DIYs and exercises.

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