How to dress business casual every day?

how to dress professional casual

Businesses are adopting different work cultures. And one of the popular thing which most of the companies have started these days is introducing the business casuals. Earlier it was limited to the weekends but now it goes from Monday to Friday. The cooler the Business Casual sounds, the more confusing and obscure it is.

Because there is no set definition about the business casuals. In different workplaces, there are different meanings of the business casuals. And when it comes to wearing it every day then it becomes more difficult to choose. Here we will guide you on how to dress business casual. You all can use these tips for wearing the business casuals at your workplaces and can set an example. But first of all, you need to know what actually business casual means.

How to dress business casual every day

Business Casual

When we say Business Casual, it simply means something which is not informal or is less formal in comparison to the traditional business formals. Business Casuals add the style to the clothing by keeping it formal at the same time. These days the business casuals are trending and one needs to learn how to dress business casual every day.

Everyday Business Casual Guidelines

Because of the addition of the word casual with the business does not mean that Business Casuals are kind of Party Wear or Funky Dresses. Here is the complete guideline on the business casuals.

Basics of Business Casual

One need to keep in mind that whatever you are going to wear will represent your personality. For both men and women, wearing neat, wrinkle-free, crisp solid shirt or long sleeves collared shirt and pants will work. Always know your company norms and dress accordingly. Also, make sure that your business casual represents the formal look along with the style. In case if ever you come across a situation where you do not understand what you actually need to wear in that particular meeting, ask. Ask before you become the joke of the meeting or it becomes embarrassing for you.

Quality of the clothes – The quality of the fabric or the clothing really matters a lot. Ensure that whatever clothes you are wearing are of fine quality and should also look good and appropriate according to the business environment. We suggest the use of cotton fabric but cotton does need a lot of care also.

Accessories do matter – When it comes to choosing right accessories for your office then you should choose it appropriately. The two main accessories which both men and women need are the belt and the shoes. And when it comes to these two accessories, then you cannot go wrong with the leathers. Apart from that if you are adding other accessories like a watch, jewellery, etc. Try to keep it as simple as possible or either keep it classy but not funky.

Details of the clothing – A broken shirt button, wrinkled clothing, untidy or unpolished shoes, these things really do matter. And these can create a bad impression as well. So always be sure that the clothes or the shoes you are wearing are tidy, properly ironed, polished, etc.

Colour of your clothes – Colour of your clothes also matters a lot. For men, we basically suggest going for solid light colors. Also, one should take care of the color of the accessories also. You cannot go wearing a black leather belt with brown leather shoes. The color of both should also match. For girls also we suggest that do not wear colors that look mismatch. Chose the color of both upper and bottom appropriately.

Now that you know how to dress business casual every day, we hope you will not face many difficulties.


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