How to deal with bird poop disease?

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Many people are not aware of this fact that the bird poop can actually cause a disease. The birds can poop anywhere, your terrace, your window, your door, your balcony, and sometimes even on you also. Those who are not aware of the bird poop disease take it very normally. For them, it’s just a piece of shit but now you all should start taking it seriously.

The bird poop not only creates an everyday problem of cleaning but it can cause around 60 bird poop diseases. And these diseases are transmittable also. There are many animals and human being who suffer from the bird poop disease. One should be very careful while cleaning the bird poop as it is dangerous to touch it or even to breathe it. The birds poop very frequently and apart from the bird poop disease, they are also causing damage to the properties.

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So one should be aware of how to deal with the bird poop disease. Here you can read the guidelines and instructions for the same.

Hide the food sources

The birds hunt places for food and water. But you have to ensure that you do not provide any food item to the birds. If you have kept any food item on your terrace for drying up, then sit there to protect it from the birds. Daily clean the bins and make sure that you cover up the bins or any of the trash cans properly. Also, ensure that you do not leave any waste food or leftover food item outside the house openly. Also, cover the water sources or empty the water sources kept outside. By this way, you will be able to keep the birds away from your home and can save yourself from the bird poop disease.

No shelter

Birds generally build their nests in the holes in the roof, trees, attic, etc. You will have to make sure that you leave no space for the birds to build their nests around your home or building. Get your windows, roof, and any damaged area repair. By doing this you will be able to stop the birds from making your building or home dirty.

No debris should be around

We all know that how useful the debris is for the birds. As they can easily build up their nests using the waste items. Whether it’s a paper, grass, plant, old cloth, or cotton, the birds love all of these items. And in no time they will build a nest around your house using the debris. So make sure that you keep your home or building clean and should not throw any such item nearby. Make your place free from the debris and other waste items. There are fewer chances of bird setting nests at a place where these items are not easily available.

Stop birds breeding

If there is already a nest on the roof of your home, cover it with something or remove the nest from that place. The birds generally choose a location and make their nests there and throughout the time of breeding, they stay in that nest only. You make get fail a few times as the birds rebuild their nests at the same place again and again. But if you will remove the nests, again and again, the birds may get scared or they may not find it suitable to build their nest again at that place.

Take precautions while cleaning the space

If the birds have pooped on your terrace or roof or anywhere in your home, you will definitely need to clean it. But make sure that you clean it in a way that you do not get affected by it. So for that, you need to take care of few things like make sure you wear a mask while cleaning the bird poop to save yourself from the bird poop disease. Never clean the bird poop with bare hands even if you have a bird pet at home then also. Wear plastic gloves while cleaning it. Clean the area properly so that no infection should get transmitted.

By doing all these above-mentioned guidelines you can save yourself from the bird poop disease.

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