Financial stress and depression

financial stress in marriage

Depression is very common these days but there is no doubt that it is really a serious condition to deal with. At times, we are not able to easily know that the person is in depression or is just having a mood swing. Depression is a feeling of loneliness which makes you feel sad and worthless. One may start losing interests in things, may always feel sad, stay alone, cry, etc. and all these can be for months and even for years if not treated on time. One of the very common reasons for depression these days in every country is the Financial Stress.

We all want to purchase all the luxury items for us, want to go on a world trip, buy a bungalow, etc. And all this depends on our financial status only. But a little bit of disturbance in our financial income can cause financial stress and it may lead to depression also. Money can’t buy happiness, but it definitely is necessary for our survival. Today we will read about the reasons of Financial Stress and how to deal with it.

Reasons for Financial Stress

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There can be different reasons behind the Financial Stress depending from person to person and situations. Below we have listed some common reasons for Financial Stress:

Loss of Job

Sudden loss of a job can also create financial problems. As you may not have enough savings for your expenses or for your living. Sometimes you have savings and you keep spending your savings on your day to day expenses but you are unable to find a new job for you, this also leads to financial crunch. And which results in the financial stress.

Lot of Debt

If you are in debt and you are not able to manage your finances to clear your debts this can also lead to financial stress.

Expanding more than you earn

There is a saying in Hindi in India that – “AamdaniAtthaniKharchaRupaiya” which means also means that your expenses are beyond your earning or your salary. People always say that spend within your limits, then only you will be happy. When you spend more than your limit, you are one day left with zero and from there only the financial crisis starts and it then causes Financial Stress.


This can also be a reason of Financial Stress, especially when you are the only bread earner in your family. Due to the bad health condition or any serious illness, you may not be able to work or there will be much absenteeism, and because of this there will loss in income also. Due to all this also you may suffer from financial stress.

How Financial Stress leads to Depression?

Many times, people are not able to come above the financial debts or financial crunch and this leaves them in the state of worry and stress. When for a long time one is not able to deal with the financial stress then it may lead to depression. As one may start feeling that it’s their failure or they may feel that maybe they will never be able to get a job. Even when the people who are dealing with financial stress see other people living their life happily, it makes them sad as they are unable to do the same. People may get addicted to drugs also. This all leads to the depression and it can even get worse when the person tries suicidal attempts because of the financial stress and depression.

How to fight with Financial Stress and Depression?

There are different ways of dealing with Financial Stress and Depression.

Make a budget

Always make a budget as per your savings and your salary. When you will make a budget then you will be able to keep a track on your expenses and there will be very fewer chances of spending more than the required.

Seek Help

We often feel bad while taking the financial help.  But it is better than getting into depression. You may take help from someone in your family or your friends as well. Seeking Help is not a bad choice but then also remember to pay back on time so that you don’t break the trust of the other person.

Find alternatives for earning money

If you are not getting a permanent job, don’t be sad. Do some freelance work you are good at, or you can work on a part-time basis in the call-centers as they keep hiring 365 days, can provide tuition or hobby classes also. By this way, you will have the finances flowing in and you can search your job also.

Discuss the problem

You may discuss your problem with a counsellor, or a friend or your spouse and then can find a solution. At least by doing this, you will be able to keep yourself away from the financial stress.

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