Emotional stress during pregnancy | Effect on baby

how stress affects unborn baby

During the time of pregnancy, it has been found that it’s common for would be mom’s to have stress. It can be mental stress, physical stress or emotional stress. But it’s not at all good to have stress while pregnant. If you know how to counter your stress then it’s good but otherwise, it can affect your health as well as baby’s health also.


Here we will talk about the emotional stress during the pregnancy. There can be many reasons behind the emotional stress like an accident of a family member, death of a family member, any natural calamity, etc. Even being a single mom also can cause emotional stress while pregnant. If these situations are not handled properly they can have really bad effects. The research on this is still going on.

Effect of Emotional Stress during pregnancy

You can read about the different effects which both the mother and the baby has to face because of the emotional stress while pregnant.

Effect on mother

Due to the emotional stress while pregnant, the mother may have to face different health-related ailments. There can be both psychological as well as physiological problems which can occur due to the stress while pregnant. The psychological issues which the mother may have to deal with due to the emotional stress are mood swings, anxiety issues, lack of sleep, depression, sadness, etc. And the physiological issues which a mother may have to deal with are the loss of appetite, headache, high blood pressure, etc. If the stress is not handled timely or in a proper way, it can lead to complications in pregnancy and can harm the fetus as well as the mother also. It can lead to miscarriage also or maybe preterm delivery also.

Effect on baby

Just like the mother, the emotional stress while pregnant can create problems for baby as well. It will affect the growth and development of the fetus. The baby may be born with low birth weight. Apart from these issues, the baby may develop the behavioural or the sleep disorders. It can also affect the mental development of the baby.

Ways of dealing with Emotional Stress during pregnancy

At the time of pregnancy, the mental, the physical, and the emotional, all the three need to be countered on time. And for the well-being of both mother and the child, one needs to learn how to deal with the emotional stress while pregnant.


If you are going through emotional stress during your pregnancy and you are having anxiety issues or feeling overtired or tensed, then you need to relax. Take rest and calm down. The more you will relax, the better you will feel.

Pamper yourself

Pampering will keep you happy during the period of pregnancy and you will have less stress. So take out time for yourself and do what you like to do or eat what you like or want to. But while doing all this just keep one thing in mind that it should not affect the baby in any way. You can take massage, read your favorite novel, watch comedy shows or your favorite movie also, indulge in social activities and can socialize as well.

Communication is the key

The best way to deal with the emotional stress while pregnant is to communicate about what is going in your mind. Tell your spouse or your mom or your sister or your brother or your best friend about how you are feeling or is there any problem. Because until and unless you will not share with them, they will not be able to help you and just dealing alone with the situation and the stress can affect you badly. Once you will be able to communicate, then you yourself will feel relax.

Get regular check-ups done

For all the pregnant ladies, it is advised to visit your gynecologist on daily basis along with your partner or spouse. Also, do follow all the instructions given by the doctor. And take all the medicines on time. If you have any doubts regarding your pregnancy then ask or consult your doctor. As this will not only clear your doubts but will take away the worry as well.

Join communities of pregnant ladies

You may find communities around you of pregnant ladies. Join these communities to counter your emotional stress while pregnant. You will get to learn about different new things and experiences from the other pregnant ladies which might help you. Also, you can join yoga classes for pregnant ladies. If possible try to include your spouse also in the same as by that you both will learn new things about the pregnancy and will get to spend more time together.

By following all the tips mentioned above you can keep the emotional stress while pregnant away from you. Before taking any advice into consideration, consult your gynecologist.

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