Elettaria Cardamomum Medicinal Uses

Nutrients present in ElettariaCardamomum

There are many food items and spices which we use in our day to day life. But we are still not aware of their complete importance. Here, we will talk about one of those spices only. It is widely used all over the world but still many of us don’t know how beneficial this spice is for us. We are talking about ElettariaCardamomum which is also known as Cardamom in general.

ElettariaCardamomum or Elaichi or Cardamom

ElettariaCardamomum which is also known as Elaichi in Hindi and Cardamom in English. Its origin is from Southern India. And now it is widely used in all over Asia. It is also grown in other countries like Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Guatemala, etc. This spice is from the family of ginger only. And it is also called the ‘Queen of Spices’. It is a dry ripe fruit which is basically used for flavoring different cuisines.

Elettaria Cardamomum Helps in Fighting Depression

The ElettariaCardamomum is of green or yellowish color. It is in long oval shape and inside it, there are small seeds filled in its chambers. These seeds are used for flavoring. But as till date, we have only learned how to use this spice in food. Today, we will learn about some medicinal and health-related uses of Cardamom.

Facts about ElettariaCardamomum

Before knowing the medicinal uses of ElettariaCardamomum, you should learn about some facts related to Cardamom.

  • There are 2 types of Cardamom. One is the green cardamom. And the other one is the black cardamom. The green cardamom is the most common cardamom and is widely used all over. From sweets to savory, it is used in the preparation of both the food. It can be used in the preparation of kheer and halwa also. And it can be used in the preparation of Biryani also. Its aroma and flavor both add taste to the food. Whereas, the black cardamom, is not used in the sweet dishes. And it is either used in the grounded form with different spices. Or it can be used as a whole also in savory dishes. But it does not add any such aroma to the food.
  • Cardamom is known from thousands of years back. It was earlier used in Egypt and was also used by Greeks and Romans also. It is said to be a very old spice in the world among the other spices.
  • Cardamom comes at number 3, in the list of expensive spices around the world. Before Cardamom, the 1st most expensive spice is saffron and the second most expensive spice is vanilla.
  • As we have already mentioned above that the origin of Cardamom is from India only. But despite this fact, the country which produces the largest amount of Cardamom in the world is Guatemala which is in Central America.
  • There are different properties present in Cardamom that are Diuretic, Carminative, Anti-Inflammatory, Aphrodisiac, Antioxidants, Expectorant, Anti-Septic, Anti-Coagulant, and Antispasmodic. These all properties add to the medicinal uses of ElettariaCardamomum. With the help of these properties only, the cardamom provides us with different health benefits which you will read below.

Nutrients present in ElettariaCardamomum

Here we have mentioned the different nutrients that are present in the ElettariaCardamomum. These nutrients are very essential as they only provide the medicinal benefit to us. Cardamom consists of different minerals including iron, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, copper, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It has different Vitamins as well including Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, pyridoxine, and riboflavin. Cardamom does not consist of cholesterol and is also very low in sodium. Other than these nutrients, the cardamom also consists of essential oil in it.

Medicinal Uses of ElettariaCardamomum

As you have read above that Cardamom is rich in nutrients, and along with that, there are different properties present in it. So, now we will see how the Cardamom can help in medicinal uses and can give us health-related benefits.

Elettaria Cardamomum Helps in preventing blood clotting

According to a research done in India, it is said that the Cardamom helps in preventing the blood clot. The components present in the Cardamom helps in relieving the blood clot. They are helpful in relieving the dangerous blood clots also. They help in preventing the accumulation of the platelets and also stops it in sticking to the walls of the artery. However, there is more research needed in this aspect and a study is already going on.

Elettaria Cardamomum Helps in treating Hiccups

Hiccups can occur anytime and can create trouble. Sometimes, they just lessen or stops in 2 or 3 minutes. But sometimes, they continue coming and create a trouble for us. Generally, when we eat fast or when we consume carbonated beverages or fatty foods, then hiccups start because of the ingestion of air. To stop the hiccups, cardamom can be used. The cardamom helps in relaxing the muscles and also they help in the discharge of gases which helps in giving relief from the hiccups.

You can take Cardamom powder along with the mint leaves by adding it to the boiling water. Drink it when it is lukewarm, as it will help in getting relief from hiccups.

Elettaria Cardamomum Helps in the treatment of Diabetes

To check whether the ElettariaCardamomum is helpful in the treatment of Diabetes, many researches are still going on. But as per the previous researches, it’s been said that the patients who are dealing with Diabetes, generally have very low manganese present in them. And as the Cardamom is rich in manganese, so consuming the Cardamom can benefit the Diabetic patients by increasing the manganese level in them.

Elettaria Cardamomum Helps in fighting Asthma

It is been said earlier that Black Cardamoms helps in fighting the problem of Asthma. But as per the new study it’s been mentioned that green cardamom can also help in treating Asthma and other issues related to the respiratory system like Bronchitis. It helps in getting relief from the different symptoms of Asthma, like shortness of breath, chest tightness, coughing, and wheezing also. With the help of cardamom, the blood circulation gets increased within the lungs, which helps in making breathing easier. Cardamom also helps in soothing and relaxing the mucous membranes by fighting with the inflammation.

Elettaria Cardamomum Helps in Fighting Depression

As per the science, it has not been proved yet, that the ElettariaCardamomum have anti-depressant properties present in them. But according to some of the health reports, it is been said that Cardamom can help in fighting with depression. As per the Ayurveda, it is believed that the Cardamom tea is very helpful in getting relief from depression.

You just need to add a pinch of cardamom powder to your tea and can keep yourself away from the depression. Consuming the Cardamom tea on a regular basis can really help a lot.

Elettaria Cardamomum Helps in proper Digestion

Till date, we never had thought that the Cardamom which we use in different dishes for flavoring can also be used for the purpose of improving digestion. But it is true, as adding ElettariaCardamomum to our diet can aid in digestion as well. Because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties present in Cardamom, it helps in increasing metabolism also.

And as the Cardamom comes from the ginger family only, so just like the ginger, the cardamom can also help in different problems related to the digestive system. Like the problem of diarrhea, heartburn, constipation, etc. It can also help in digestion by promoting the secretion of bile acid.

Elettaria Cardamomum Helps in preventing Cancer

The ElettariaCardamomum has very effective properties which even helps in preventing the different types of cancer also. According to some studies, it’s been shown that Cardamom intake can also help in damaging the cancerous cells and it can reverse the formation of cancer also. Because of the anti-inflammatory property of cardamom, it helps in lowering the inflammation which hinders the growth of cancerous cells and damages them.

The Cardamom Oil also acts as the anti-cancer agents and it helps in decreasing the apoptosis in the body. Further study is going on to check more about the benefit of Cardamom for cancer treatment. The Cardamom not only destroys the cancerous cells but it also helps in defusing the other symptoms as well which can cause cancer in the nearby future.

Elettaria Cardamomum Helps in promoting Bone Health

Just like the other food items which have the presence of calcium in them enhances the bone health. In a similar way, the Cardamom also enhances the bone health as it is rich in calcium. The people with low bone density and with weak bones may have to deal with the ailments like osteoporosis. And they may suffer from bone damage or bone fractures as well. So, one should increase the intake of cardamom, as it will help in giving strength to the bones. And will also help in enhancing the bone mineral density.

Elettaria Cardamomum Promotes Dental Health

Just like the other vital organs of our body we also need to take care of our dental or oral health. We generally tend to ignore the oral health as many of us are not aware of what harm it can do to us. A bacterial infection in the mouth can even lead to mouth cancer also. As the ElettariaCardamomum has antimicrobial properties present in them. They help in killing the bacteria present inside the mouth. And because of the presence of the phenolic compound, it also helps in fighting other mouth related problems like bad breath, tooth decay, mouth ulcers, cavities, etc. So, an increase of cardamom intake can also aid in oral health.

Elettaria Cardamomum Good for the health of eyes

There are certain compounds present in the Cardamom, which helps in promoting the eyes health also. The compounds like riboflavin and the Vitamin C helps a lot in improving the eyes health. The cardamom is used for the treatment of blurred vision as it promotes the blood circulation to eyes. Other than that, the Cardamom is also useful in dealing with age-related vision problems. Intake of Cardamom can help in decreasing the risk of poor vision in old age.

Elettaria Cardamomum Promotes Sexual Health

As we already mentioned the aphrodisiac property of Cardamom. And because of the presence of a compound names cineole in Cardamom, it helps in promoting sexual health. Even it was said earlier, that Cardamom can help in treating the problem of impotence also. But still, people are researching on this aspect.

Elettaria Cardamomum Helps in Weight Loss

Many of us are dealing with the problem of overweight or obesity. And we all are trying our best to do weight loss. Cardamom can also be used as an ingredient for weight loss. As the Cardamom has melatonin present in it. And melatonin helps in burning the fat from the body. It also helps in controlling the weight gain in people who are suffering from obesity.

So these were some of the medicinal uses of Cardamom which you read above. Other than these uses also Cardamom can help us.

Some other benefits of ElettariaCardamomum

Here we are mentioning some other benefits of Cardamom related to our skin and our hair.

  • The ElettariaCardamomum has the antibacterial property which helps in fighting the different types of skin allergies. You can use the mask made of cardamom and honey and can apply it to your face. This will help you in getting the relief from the skin allergy.
  • The essential oil present in the Cardamom helps in improving the complexion. And it also helps in decreasing the blemishes from the face by making your skin tone fair.
  • The antioxidants present in the black cardamom can help in nourishing the hair and making them strong. Also, the antibacterial property of cardamom can help in treating the infections that occur on the scalp.
  • The black cardamom also helps in providing the clear skin. As it flushes out the harmful toxins from the skin and gives you a clear skin.

The different uses and benefits which we have provided here are for the knowledge purpose. Before taking them into consideration for any medicinal use, consult your physician.

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