Chilgoza dry fruit or Pine Nuts benefits and Side Effects

chilgoza benefits for health

The Chilgoza which is also known as the pine nuts is one of the healthy nuts. It comes with different health benefits and other benefits as well. The Chilgoza nuts are available mostly in the hilly areas only. In India also, they are found in the Himalayan region as the pine trees are there. The height of the pine trees vary and they are very tall. They grow up to 2500 – 3500 meters and produce Chilgoza nuts.

What are Chilgoza Nuts?

The Chilgoza nuts are helpful in many ways and that is because of the nutrients present in them. They are rich in iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium. Other than this they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants as well. They can provide a good amount of calories in a day by just consuming a small amount only.

The Chilgoza nuts are been used by people in India as well as in other countries also from a long time. And because of the health benefits they provide, many people use it for curing different diseases also. In the market, you can find these nuts easily available.

They may be in the form of shelled nuts or may be in the form of the unshelled nuts. People use pine nuts in preparing different food items also. There are different recipes available on the internet regarding the Chilgoza nuts. They are very expensive just like the other nuts and in India, you can find them mostly in the Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

Benefits of Chilgoza Nuts or Pine Nuts

The Chilgoza nuts have different benefits and they are used all over the world. Because of the nutrition value of it, they can help us in many ways.

Chilgoza Dried Fruits are Helpful in boosting energy

As we already told you that Pine nuts are rich in nutrients, so different nutrients help in boosting the energy also. The protein content of Chilgoza nuts can help in low burning of the energy. And which means low energy consumption or energy for a long term. Apart from the proteins, the Chilgoza nuts are also rich in iron, magnesium, and monounsaturated fat also. These all help in boosting the energy and can save you from the fatigue as well.

Chilgoza Nuts Prevent Diabetes

In many studies, it has been proved that the Chilgoza or Pine nuts are good in preventing diabetes. The Chilgoza nuts can help one in controlling the glucose level. Also, it benefits the blood lipids and controls cholesterol level as well. They generally benefit the patients of type 2 diabetes especially if they regularly take the pine nuts.

Chilgoza Dried Fruits are Helps in improving brain health

There are many ways in which the Chilgoza nuts can help in improving brain health. It helps in treating problems like stress, depression, etc. Other than these issues, the Chilgoza nuts are also having the iron present in it. And it is believed that iron is really good for the health of the brain.

Helps in boosting immunity

Chilgoza has ample amount of zinc present in it. It is believed that the zinc can be helpful in boosting the immunity. It helps in the improvement of White Blood Cells. And the WBC’s can then fight and destroy the pathogens entering our body. They can save us from different allergies.

Chilgoza Nuts Good for Skin

These nuts have varied minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants present in them. And many of them are good for the skin also. They not only help in preventing the aging process but they also help in nourishing the skin. The oil of chilgoza nuts is also good for the skin. It keeps the skin moisturized. It can be helpful in curing different skin diseases or issues like eczema, itching, sores, pimples, etc. Massage from the chilgoza oil is really good for skin health and also you can use the chilgoza nuts as a scrub. They are good at removing the dead skin cells and making your skin look fresh and smooth.

Chilgoza Nuts Good for Hair

These nuts are not just for your skin but they are good for your hair also. The presence of Vitamin E in Chilgoza nuts helps in the nourishment of hair.

Dry Skin

It helps in keeping the hair and scalp both healthy. It can reduce or prevent the problem of hair loss and split ends as well. And because of preventing hair loss they also help in giving volume to your hair along with saving them from the damage.

Chilgoza Dried Fruits are Improves the vision

There is an antioxidant called Lutein present in the chilgoza. And they are said to be good for the eyes. There are many nutrients and antioxidants present in these nuts which help in saving our eyes from the damage from the free radicals.

Chilgoza Nuts Helps in strengthening Bones

Many people intake these nuts for strengthening their bones. As it has Vitamin K in it. And Vitamin K is good for improving the bone density and c=improve bone health also.

Chilgoza Nuts Reduces Appetite

When it comes to reducing the appetite, then Chilgoza nuts are very helpful. They help in suppressing the appetite and preventing binge-eating. It is good for those who are focussing towards the weight loss. As it reduces the craving and makes you feel like your stomach is full. It is because of the release of the hormone name CCK-8. The Pinolenic Acid is produced by this hormone and this acid helps in suppressing the appetite.

Chilgoza Dried Fruits are Helps in Weight Loss

With the help of Chilgoza or Pine Nuts, one can lower their weight. As these nuts are very helpful in the weight loss. As we already mentioned above that Chilgoza nuts can help in suppressing the appetite. Along with that, it also helps in burning the belly fat. Because of the presence of the healthy fatty acids in the Chilgoza nuts, it is good for burning the fat. So now you can benefit from weight loss diet by adding these nuts to your regular diet.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, the Chilgoza nuts also help in saving from chronic diseases related to heart and also are good for preventing cancer. You can check from your doctor in case if you want to make use of it for some health issues.

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