Gujarati Wedding Rituals

Indian weddings mean a lot of customs and rituals. And as there are different culture being followed in India, so every culture people have their own set of beliefs and customs. In the state of Gujarat, the wedding is a big affair. If you have not attended one, then you must go especially if you

Why do Indian brides wear kalire?

Indian weddings are full of customs and rituals along with the celebrations. And every custom and ritual has its own meaning behind it. No matter whichever part of India you are, you will see different customs in Indian Marriages. Here we will tell you about a very famous custom of Punjabi Wedding that is wearing

What is lagna patrika function?

“Marriages” Marriage is an important part or phase of every person’s life. A lot of importance is attached to marriages in every culture but in Hinduism it is the integral part of the life. Hindu marriage ceremonies are colorful. Marriage is the happiest /memorable moment in one’s life and is the most enjoyable ceremonial function