Best Health Benefits of Nutmeg and Cinnamon

Good for Digestion

There are numerous spices available and we use them in our kitchen almost every day. But when we use these spices in the food we generally use them just for the sake of adding flavor or taste in the food. But have you ever thought of the fact that do these spices have some other benefits? Or do they have some side effects? Or can we use them for other purposes instead of flavoring the food? Generally, we do not think that much. But still, there are few spices which we use for our health also.

Here, we are going to tell you about two spices which are really very beneficial for us. One is nutmeg and the other one is Cinnamon. In Hindi, the Nutmeg is also known as ‘Jaayphal’. And the Cinnamon in Hindi is called Daalchini.

Helps in Fighting Free Radicals


The scientific name of Nutmeg is MyristicaFragrans. It is from the family of tropical evergreen tree. The origin of Nutmeg spice is Indonesia. The Nutmeg spice was very famous in the Western World and was considered to be a very expensive spice. It can be used in different food items because of its flavor as well as its aroma which it adds to the food. But here we will know more about Nutmeg Spice and its benefits which are not just limited to the food items.


The origin of Cinnamon is from Sri Lanka. The botanical name for the Cinnamon is CinnamomumVerum. It has been given this botanical name because of the word or term known as Amomon, which is an Arabic and Hebraic term. And the meaning of this term is a fragrant spice plant.

It was also called as ‘Canella’ which means little tube, by Italians because of the word cannon. It is said that Cinnamon was such an expensive spice once, that there was a war fought because of it. As it was prized very high that time. For getting this spice, the Cinnamon Tree bark was dehydrated. And after that, it was rolled forming the Cinnamon Sticks which are also known as quills. Here, we will learn some other benefits of Cinnamon, other than its use as a spice.

We will first start with the benefits of Nutmeg and then we will share the benefits of Cinnamon with you all. There are many surprising benefits of both these spices which we all are not aware of. So, to know more about these surprising benefits of these spices, you can read below.

Benefits of Nutmeg

Using Nutmeg as a spice was just one side of this spice. But for many years, this spice is also being used for different other purposes also because of its varied benefits. So, let’s check out all the other ways in which the Nutmeg can benefit us.

For treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious health issue where because of the insulin deficiency the body stops breaking the glucose (sugar) in the blood. In areas, where the people do not have enough medical facilities for treating an illness like Diabetes, they use spices like Nutmeg for the treatment. Even in a research also, it’s been said that Nutmeg Seed can be used for curing the Diabetes. There is further research going on this subject. Because of the presence of anti-diabetic properties in Nutmeg in the form of triterpenes, it is helpful in the treatment of Diabetes.

Good for Digestion

There are different spices available which can treat the digestion related problems. And Nutmeg is among one of those spices only. It is said that because of so many properties present in Nutmeg, it is really helpful in treating indigestion. It is one of the effective spice for treating digestion problem. Because of the presence of the dietary fiber in the Nutmeg, it helps in promoting the bowel movement. Not only this but because of the presence of some essential oils in this spice, it is also said that it helps in reducing flatulence. It is good for our intestines also as it helps in stimulating problems related to intestines. Other than that, the Nutmeg can be helpful in other digestion related problems also like constipation, diarrhea, and, bloating as well. Because of these properties of Nutmeg, people add it to different dishes, so that it can help in proper digestion.

Getting relief from Pain

According to different researches being made on Nutmeg, it is also said to be one of the effective spices when it comes to getting relief from the body pain. The presence of the different volatile oil like safrole, elemicin, eugenol, etc. in Nutmeg, helps in easing out the pain from different parts of the body. And it happens because these oils present in the Nutmeg have anti-inflammatory properties. And that is why they help in reducing the inflammation and pain. The nutmeg also has antioxidants present in them which are very good for getting relief from headaches. And not only headaches, it also helps in getting relief from the pain which occurs because of the injuries in the joints and the muscles. Methanol is also present in the Nutmeg, and it also has properties which can help in getting relief from the pain. So, if you have any kind of a pain in your muscles or because of any wound, add Nutmeg in your diet.

Acne Treatment

Nobody likes to see the acne on their face. And sometimes the problem starts with one acne and then there are many other acne on the face because of the stress we take for them. But now you all need not worry because, with the help of Nutmeg, you can get relief from acne as well as the scar also which the acne leaves behind. Nutmeg possess the antifungal and antibacterial properties. And because of the presence of these properties in Nutmeg, it can be helpful in treating the acne related problems. Nutmeg is very effective for acne. And the anti-inflammatory properties present in the Nutmeg are helpful in getting relief from the redness and the inflammation caused by the acne.

One can use powdered Nutmeg for the treatment of Acne, by making a face pack or face mask using Nutmeg. By applying Nutmeg paste on the face, it will not only take away the acne but if there is any acne scar on the face, then it will also fade out slowly in a few weeks. Adding nutmeg to your diet can also be helpful for acne treatment.

Good for Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation in the body is very much essential for the body to function in a better way. Because when the blood will circulate properly through the brain and through the heart, then only both these body organs will be able to perform effectively. And because of the presence of Potassium in Nutmeg, it is really helpful for the blood circulation. As the presence of Potassium also helps in relaxing the blood vessels which further aids blood circulation. And because of the Nutmeg’s medicinal properties, it is also being used for controlling high blood pressure in the form of herbal medicine. Nutmeg is used in the herbal medicines also.

Good for Immune System

To fight the different diseases and bacterial infections, our immune system needs to be strong. Also, to fight free radicals and other such harmful cells also which can cause chronic diseases we need a good immune system. Else, we will start becoming ill and we may face some serious health issues also. For a good immune system, we require different kinds of minerals and nutrients. These minerals and nutrients are present in nutmeg. As nutmeg contains different Vitamins and minerals like iron, manganese, potassium, etc. which is required for the immunity system. So, that is why the addition of Nutmeg to our diet is a good choice.

There are many other benefits of Nutmeg also like it is helpful for Insomnia patients, for kidney, for our skin, for lowering cholesterol, etc.

Benefits of Cinnamon

Just like the Nutmeg, here we will read about some benefits of Cinnamon. The benefits are so many, which cannot be just described all at once. But here we will tell you about some important benefits of Cinnamon.

Helps in Relieving Pain

Just like the Nutmeg, Cinnamon is also being used for getting relief from the pain. The reaction of Cinnamon with prostaglandin helps in getting relief from the pain. Because it helps in the relaxation as well as the contraction of muscle tissues. So, from now onwards, you all can add Cinnamon in your diet if you have muscles pain.

Prevents Inflammation

Because of the inflammation, there is a number of diseases which are increasing. And there are some high-risk diseases like infertility, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Osteoporosis, etc. which are caused due to the chronic inflammation. But as Cinnamon also has the anti-inflammatory properties present in them. So, the anti-inflammatory properties of Cinnamon help in fighting all these diseases. And it also helps in preventing the chronic inflammation in the body. You can just sip a cup of Cinnamon tea for fighting the inflammation.

Helps in Fighting Free Radicals

When the atoms react or pair up with the unpaired electron, some small molecules are formed, and they are called free radicals. These free radicals can cause damage to our DNA, our cells, and other parts of our body. But as the antioxidants are present in the Cinnamon, so it can help our body from fighting with these free radicals. And it also helps in healing the body parts which are damaged by the free radicals. These antioxidants help in preventing the damage to cells as well as our body by reacting with the free radicals. So, adding Cinnamon spice to your food can help you a lot this way.

Fights Yeast Infections

Because of the development of fungus on the yeast infection can occur. And it can be on different parts of the body including vagina, testicles, area around the knee, the area around the breasts, etc. But they are commonly found around the Vagina. But with the help of Cinnamon, you can fight the yeast infection as well. Because Cinnamon has antifungal properties in them. And that is why it is very helpful and effective in fighting the yeast infections. Even one can use the Cinnamon Oil as well for the treatment of yeast infection.

Helps in Arthritis

Like we already mentioned above that Cinnamon is good for getting relief from the pain. Here, is one more example of it as it is helpful for Arthritis also. Arthritis is a disease in which one feels the extreme pain and inflammation in the joints. It also creates a lot of problem in the movement as well. However, now there are many medicines and treatments available for Arthritis. But with them comes the side effects also. And Cinnamon because of the presence of anti-inflammatory property in it can help in reducing the inflammation and getting relief from the joint pain. Consumption of Cinnamon regularly will be a great help for Arthritis patients and it also slowdowns the cell aging process as well which will prevent inflammation.

Good for Heart Health

When it comes to getting relief from the diseases related to heart then Cinnamon spice can also be helpful. Because it has both anticlotting and anti-inflammatory property present in it. And because of these properties, it helps in maintaining the heart health also. Cinnamon is good for lowering cholesterol level as well, which adds to the heart health. Other than that, the calcium and the fiber present in Cinnamon helps in flushing out the toxins also. So, you can add the Cinnamon in your diet now for a healthy heart.

Cinnamon does have some other benefits as well like improves blood circulation, controls blood sugar level, good for diabetes and infertility treatment, etc.

Above, you have read different benefits of Nutmeg and Cinnamon and also that from where they are extracted. So, you can add these to your diet and can get several benefits from these spices. But in case if you are allergic to any of these spices, then, in that case, do not consume them. Or if you want to then you should ask your doctor first. However, there are not any such big side effects of these diseases but still, if you are undergoing any treatment, check with your doctor.

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