Benefits of eating Munakka Raisins | Munakka ke Fayde

For those who don’t know, Munakka or Raisins are basically the dried grapes. And along with the sweetness, munakka also comes with many health benefits. Today we are going to share with you “munakka ke fayde”. But before going forward, we would also like to say tell all of you that for someone who has diabetes or is overweight or obese, should not consider taking it. Or even if you want to have it then better ask your doctor first.

Now let’s know about munakka ke fayde for different health related issues.

Good for controlling Acidity

If you will consume Raisins or Munakka along with the saunf (fennel seeds), it can really help you in curing the acidity.

  • Firstly soak both munakka and saunf in water overnight. You can take around 5gm of saunf and 10gm of munakka. And water should be around 100ml.
  • Now mash both the munakka and saunf using your fingertips in the morning.
  • Now sieve it. And with an empty stomach, drink this water.

For Weight Gain

This is also one of the munakka ke fayde, and it’s because of the presence of natural sugar and iron in it. For all those people who want to gain weight or are weak, they can simply have munakka for weight gain.

  • One can consume the munakka or raisins with milk every day.
  • The other way is, take around 9 – 10 munakka. Now remove the seeds of the munakka and then roast the munakka or raisins with pure ghee. Take black salt and add a pinch of it and mix it. Every morning with empty stomach, eat it.

For controlling Bad Breath

If you have bad breath problem, due to indigestion or due to a cough, then you can use munakka for controlling it. And it is because of the anti-bacterial properties present in the raisins or munakka. For getting free from the bad breath problem, just eat around 5 to 10 munakka every day.

For curing Headache

Just because of different health-related properties of munakka, it is also used for curing headache.

Quantity – Raisins or Munakka – 8 to 10, Mishri – 10gm, Mulethi (Liquorice) – 10gm

  • Grind the munakka, mishri, and mulethi using the grinder. And make them into the fine powder.
  • Now you can easily cure your headache, just by consuming a pinch of this powdered mixture.

For curing Nose-bleeding

Many people face the nose-bleeding problem which we also call ‘naksir’. Especially, in summers people face this issue. So for curing it and getting relief from it immediately, you can just take 4 drops of raisins or grapes and can put it in the nostrils. This is very helpful and effective in curing the problem of nose-bleeding.

Helps in curing Anaemia

Because of being rich in iron and also being a source of Vitamin B-complex, munakka can be used for curing Anaemia. It helps naturally in improving and increasing the hemoglobin. One just needs to eat around 5 to 10 munakka with milk every day and can cure their Anaemia with the help of it.

Keep away from teeth related problems

There are many teeth related problems which one suffer from like gums problem, tooth decay, cavity, etc. But raisins or munakka can help in improving the teeth health due to the presence of photo-chemicals in them. And these photo-chemicals are very essential for teeth. So now if you want to keep teeth related problems away then eat around 6 to 7 raisins every day.

Apart from these, there are other munakka ke fayde also, like preventing cancer, reducing high fever, curing hypertension, dry cough, and constipation, etc. But always consult and check with your doctor before you start taking it.

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