Badiyan Ka Phool or Star Anise | Benefits | Side Effects

Benefits of Star Anise or Badiyan ka Phool

Star Anise which is also known as Badiyan ka Phool is one of the spices which is used for different purposes. Here, we are going to share with you some important facts, benefits, and side effects related to Star Anise. As it is one of the very beneficial spices which not just add flavor to the food. But it is also being used for different health-related purposes which you will learn here.

Star Anise or Badiyan ka Phool

First of all, you all should know the origin of Star Anise, which is from China and also from Vietnam. It is also produced in some parts of India in Arunachal Pradesh. The botanical name for the star anise is ‘IlliciumVerum’, as it comes from the family of Illiciaceae. The star anise is obtained from an evergreen tree of height around 9 to 15mtrs.

Star Anise or Badiyan ka Phool is a fruit of this tree which is dry and it is of reddish brown color with a star shape. It is been given the name star anise because of its shape. As it has boat shape pointed sections, about 5 to 10. You will find it as a whole spice also in the form of star shape or you may find it in powdered or you can grounded form also. And both of them are used for cooking purpose.

Precautions to be taken star anise

When it comes to the cooking, then this spice is one of the most common 5 spices of China. And it is being used for many years for flavoring the food items. And that is why it is being added in different dishes. It is also being used for marinating the meat and in pickles also. But apart from its use in the dishes and cuisines, it is also being used for different other purposes.

Nutrients in Star Anise

There are many nutrients present in the Star Anise. All these nutrients are present in different quantities in this spice. These nutrients are very essential for us. And because of these nutrients only, Badiyan ka Phool or star anise is very beneficial for us. The nutrients are in the form of different vitamins and minerals. Like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, potassium, etc. And other than these nutrients, star anise also has dietary fiber, protein, carbohydrates present in it.

Benefits of Star Anise or Badiyan ka Phool

By now you have only learned about the benefit of Badiyan ka Phool in food. But today you will get to know how this small spice not only spice up your food but it also helps for different other purposes as well. Here are the different benefits of Star Anise:

star anise Helps with Insomnia

Insomnia is a problem where one deals with the difficulty in sleep. The person may find it difficult to sleep or may wake up again and again. Insomnia can be caused because of many reasons. It can be because of going through any stress, depression, anxiety. Or it can be because of some medical conditions also.

However, these days there are different treatments available for Insomnia. But there is no harm in taking a natural treatment. And natural treatments do not have side effects also. That is why Badiyan ka Phool can be used for the treatment of Insomnia. Star Anise helps in modulating the levels of some hormones which helps in relaxing and calming. And this aids in Insomnia a lot.

So, if you are going through this situation, you can take a cup of star anise tea at night. And in a few days, you will start witnessing the change. As your problem of poor sleep or lack of sleep will start going away.

star anise Good for different types of Cancers

The Badiyan ka Phool or star anise has the anti-inflammatory property because of the presence of phytochemicals in it. There are different phytochemicals present in star anise like kaempferol, quercetin, anethole, and coumaric acid, etc. Because of the oxidative damage to the cells, there are the chances of cancer. But because of the strong anti-inflammatory property of star anise, it helps in protecting the cells from the oxidative damage.

The antioxidants present in the star anise helps in fighting the free radicals which decrease its effect on the cells. And it lowers the risk of forming the cancerous cells in our body which helps in decreasing or reducing the risk of chronic disease like cancer.

Badiyan ka Phool Boosts hormones

The star anise is very helpful in boosting certain hormones in both men and women. A deep study has been done of the star anise effect on hormones. And it shows that this spice has a powerful effect on the hormones. For men, it can help in boosting the hormones which can help in making them more energetic. Along, with that, it also helps in increasing the sex drive in men. While in women it can help in controlling and regulating the mood swings. Also, it is good for the changes or effects related to menstrual cycles.

Boosting Lactation

The star anise consists of photoantheole and diantheole present in it. And because of the presence of these two, it can help in enhancing and improving the lactation for breastfeeding mothers. However, we do not recommend you to have it without your physician’s advice. It may sound beneficial way of improving lactation, but according to some studies, it is not suggested to be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding. And if to be consumed, then should take advice from the doctor first.

star anise Helps in relieving pain

The oil extracted from the Badiyan ka Phool is very beneficial for pain. As it helps in decreasing the pain and acts as a natural painkiller. The star anise oil has an antispasmodic property which helps in dealing with the pain in the muscles and joints. It helps in dealing with the pain caused by spasms. It is also good for those who are dealing with pain because of arthritis. One should regularly use this oil to get relief from arthritis pain and pain caused by spasms. As the Badiyan ka Phool or star anise oil has a very soothing and calming effect, and it can help in giving relief from severe cramps also.

Badiyan ka Phool Antifungal Properties

Star anise has the antifungal properties present in them. Because of the presence of antifungal property in it, it can fight fungal or yeast infection also. The yeast infection can be caused at different parts of the body. But the oil extracted from star anise is very helpful and acts as an antifungal compound.

star anise or Badiyan ka Phool is Good for skin

Badiyan ka Phool can help our skin in different ways. Because of the presence of different Vitamins and minerals in star anise, it helps in promoting skin health. Because of the presence of Vitamin C in the star anise, it helps in saving our skin from premature aging. Also, it helps in preventing the wrinkles on the face. Other than, Vitamin C, the star anise does have Vitamin A also present in it. And because of Vitamin A, it saves our skin from getting damaged because of UV rays. It reduces the effect of UV rays damage to our skin.

Also, the star anise helps in fading out the scars on the skin which are either caused by the acne or by the stretch marks. So, adding star anise in the diet is going to be very beneficial for the skin health.

star anise Can save you from the flu

We always try to eat as much healthy food as we can to boost our immune system and to save us from seasonal flu. But this one small spice can do it all alone. And this is because of the presence of Shikimic Acid in star anise. This Shikimic Acid is also being used in a flu vaccine as a very critical component. And it is present in the star anise in a large amount. So, from now onwards along with fruits and vegetables, one should add star anise also in the diet or in the food preparation. As it can decrease the seasonal flu risk and can save from illness.

Badiyan ka Phool Helps in saving from mosquito bites

As we have mentioned above also, that star anise has a compound known as anethole present in it. This compound acts as an insecticide when ingested. Generally, we apply the insect repellants outside the body for safeguarding ourselves from insects. But, consuming star anise regularly can help in saving us from mosquito and other insect bites as well.

star anise can Prevents Constipation

The dietary fiber present in the star anise can be beneficial for the problem like constipation. However, we do not recommend and neither a large quantity of star anise is used in food. But, even a small quantity of Badiyan ka Phool or star anise in food can also aid in constipation. For curing constipation, a fiber diet is really helpful. As it helps in the movement of feces which have become harden and are difficult to move or pass. So, that is why consuming the star anise in food can be good for curing constipation problem.

star anise is  Good for respiratory health

Star Anise is good for the respiratory health also, as it can cure different types of problems related to the respiratory system. It is also helpful in the treatment of Asthma. Other than Asthma, it can also cure other respiratory problems also like pneumonia, sinusitis, cough, cold, influenza, bronchitis, etc. In many cough medicines, the star anise is also used as a component.

Badiyan ka Phool Regulates the Menstrual Cycle

The women who are dealing with the problem of the irregular menstrual cycle, or delay in menstruation, for them star anise is very beneficial. As because of the star anise estrogenic effect it helps in regulating the menstrual cycle. Sipping star anise tea will help during this problem. The star anise powder which is also known as ShatapushpaChurna can help in curing the menstrual disorder.

star anise or Badiyan ka Phool For refreshing breath

Star Anise spice is also used for keeping a fresh and good smelling breath. It is because of the antibacterial property of star anise. People use it as a mouth freshener after consuming food also. Even, one can make a natural mouth freshener also by using the star anise spice.

Side Effects of Badiyan ka Phool or Star Anise

Above you read about the benefits of Badiyan ka Phool or Star Anise. And now you know that apart from the use in diet, the star anise can also be used for medicinal purposes. But, you also need to know the side effects of star anise. However, consuming it in the food does not have any such harm. And it is safe to eat star anise. But it may cause some side effects when it’s consumed in large amount. Let’s check some side effects of Star Anise given below:


  • It can cause an allergic reaction on the skin. As we mentioned above, that in general star anise does not have any such side effects. But it may sometimes cause the skin allergy. You will find the symptoms of skin allergy like redness on the skin or itching also. If the problem increases, we suggest you seek help from the doctor.
  • Sometimes, the consumption of star anise can also cause vomiting and nausea. And also, sometimes one can witness some severe problems like shortness in breath. However, this is a very rare side effect.
  • The poisoning caused because of star anise can cause memory loss or tremors in a person. In such situations, one should immediately rush to the doctor.

Precautions to be taken star anise or Badiyan ka Phool

Here we are mentioning a few precautions, which people should take while consuming star anise or Badiyan ka Phool.

  • Never consume star anise along with the alcohol.
  • Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding mothers, should also not consume star anise. And if have to do so, then check with the doctor and then only take it.
  • If you are going through some medications or some hormone therapy, then in that case also, one should not consume star anise.
  • If you have some health issues then also, you should avoid taking star anise. And if you are taking it then seek an advice from the physician first.

Now you all know how beneficial star anise is, and along with that you also know its side effects as well. The information we provided here is for the informational purpose of this spice only and not for the promotion of its use.

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