9 Simple Ways to Lose a Double Chin

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Our face is the first thing which usually everyone notices. And that’s why we always try our best to look good. We do makeups, use different skin care products and many other stuffs for keeping our face look good. But what if you have to deal with a double chin. Double chin is developed because of the fat only.

But, we know that none of us like to have double chins showing in our selfies and in reality also. You can edit your selfies and get rid of the double chin there, but what about the real life.

Chubbiness on the face looks good only in childhood, but on adults, it doesn’t look good. Because it does not reflect the cuteness, but it reflects that fat is getting accumulated in your body. And one of the obvious reason for double chin is our diet also. But having double chin does not always mean that you are overweight or you are suffering from obesity. Sometimes this layer of fat starts developing under the chin of a healthy person also. All you need to know is the way for losing a double chin.

Here, we are going to share 5 ways, with the help of which you can lose a double chin. And can get back that attractive look again. You can read all the 5 simple ways to lose a double chin below.

9 Simple Ways to Lose a Double Chin

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Just like other parts of our body, you can give massage to your face and chin also. Massage helps all of us in different ways. But as it is your face part so make sure that you give massage slowly and gently only.

There are different oils available in the market for face massage. You can use any of the face massage oil for massaging under your chin and your face area also. Or else you can even massage without using oil also. When you will give massage on your face, it will help in increasing the circulation of blood in your face.

And also, it will help in reducing the fat deposited below your chin. And slowly and gradually, you will see that your double chin is no more there or is reduced a lot. But it is possible only when you will do it regularly.

Chewing Gums

Till now you have chewed the chewing gums for the taste or for refreshment. But now you can chew it for getting rid of your double chin also. We know that chewing gums do have added sugar in them.

So, for that, you can try chewing sugarless chewing gums as they are also now available in the market. Chewing is like an exercise and when we chew gum, it helps in eliminating the double chin. As it is a kind of mouth exercise, so it helps in burning the fat. And, also it helps in getting your face and chin in proper shape so that you can look good by getting rid of a double chin. Chewing gums, before and after the meals will be really helpful.

Correct Posture

Don’t be surprised that how correct posture can help in getting rid of double chin. Your face posture can also be one of the reasons for the double chin. Sitting in a position with your head bent downwards for a long period of time can also lead to this.

And this is very common these days because of the increase in the use of laptops and smartphones. Because of these, our face and neck tend to be in this position for a long period of time.

So, we need to correct our posture, so that we do not get to have a double chin. So for that, if we are working on laptops or computers we can either try taking breaks in between. Or we can try to place the laptop at the level of our eyes so that our face does not bend downwards.

Take care of your body weight

When your body weight or fat in your body increases, then also the fat starts getting collected under your chin. So, try to lose your body weight if you suffering from obesity. Losing body weight will help in losing double chin fat also.

For that, you can try doing different fat burning exercises and can bring change in your diet also. As because of a healthy diet and exercise you will not only be able to control body weight but can get rid of a double chin as well.

Face Exercises

There are different face exercises which you can do to lose a double chin. Here, we have mentioned few of them which you can do every day to get rid of double chin.

X-O Exercise

The X-O exercise is very easy and simple. As you just have to repeatedly spell X-O for a number of times. This involves the movement of your cheeks and jaws and it helps in burning fat. You can do around 3 to 4 sets of 12 reps of this exercise.

Neck Rotation

The rotation of the neck or stretching of the neck both the sides can also help in burning the fat which helps in reducing double chin. Because this involves the movement of the muscles of your face which includes chin and jaw movement. You can practice this exercise regularly to see the results.

Tongue Press

In this exercise, you will need to press your tongue to the top of the mouth. And then tilt your head backward and then forward for a number of times. This will also help you to lose a double chin.

Kiss the Ceiling

This is another exercise to lose a double chin. In this exercise, you will have to tilt your head to the back. And then form the shape of O with your lips just like you are kissing the ceiling. Because of this, your chin muscles will get stretch and it will also help in burning fat under your chin.

The different ways mentioned above to lose a double chin are simple and you can easily practice them at home.

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