10 Dressing Tips for Tall Ladies

High-Waist Outfits

No one is perfect in their physical appearance, we all have flaws in our looks which we want to hide in order to stay beautiful. Make-up, outfits, accessories, all contribute in their own way to make us look smarter and overcome the flaws we have in our physical appearance. Everyone longs for a great height and those who don’t possess that , wear those elegant heels to look taller. But sometimes being too tall can be a negative thing also as it makes us look different and and less confident about ourselves. But instead of looking at our height as a negative aspect we should try to look at it as a boon and be more confident about ourselves.

This article will throw some light on dressing tips for tall ladies and accept your height as a blessing

  1. Wear Skirts: Wearing skirts above the waist will look very good on tall ladies. You can also wear mini-skirts up to the knee to show off your long legs. Skirts and maxi dresses look very good on tall girls but don’t go for very short dresses , that will make you look indecent. Wearing a pencil skirt with a bright coloured top is also a great option.
  2. Skinny jeans: Skinny jeans look very good on tall legs. They make the lower part of your body look crisp and smart and give more shape to your body. So skinny jeans can be great dressing tips for tall ladies.
  3. Boots: Sometimes wearing boots in the winter becomes essential whereas sometimes you can wear them just as a style statement. So if the weather permits, wearing long boots till the knees will make you look classy.
  4. Experiment with colours: Wearing black and white is very common so if you are gifted with the much needed height you can very well experiment with bright and vibrant colours and unusual patterns.
  5. Accessory-magic: Wearing junk accessories will make you carry yourself better. Top up your outfit with a beautiful and heavy neck-piece to give extra spark and magic to your look
  6. Use the Trial-Room more often: You have to accept that not everything looks great on you but if you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and  know that what suits you and what not, you can use your height as one of your biggest strengths. So before buying any outfit, try it to see how does it look on you. If you think you are not the best judge to decide that, take a friend or your confidant whom you can trust , who will be able to tell you how exactly you are looking. This will save you from making mistakes in choosing your outfits and is a great dressing tip for tall ladies
  7. Look for brands that suit you: There are various brands which design clothes keeping in mind taller women. So instead of looking for clothes that will look good on you which can be a long-term process, look for brands that will suit your needs. That will be more convenient and you will be able to select your outfits better.
  8. High-Waist Outfits: Not everyone can carry high waist outfits with grace but a tall girl can. It will highlight the best proportions of your body making you look smarter and more elegant and are great dressing tips for tall ladies
  9. Go for funky-styled shoes: Shoes play a great role in deciding our over- all fashion. When you are tall , one of the first things people notice about you are your shoes. So in order to give more spunk to your dressing sense try for different coloured, different patterned shoes .
  10. Prints can never go wrong: Many think that prints does not look good on tall women but on the contrary they look quite chic and elegant on taller ladies. So instead of trying to play it safe, experiment with prints
  11. Don’t say no to heels: The general rule is shorter women need heels and taller women need to skip them. But in the reality everyone can look good on heels irrespective of their height. Heels make you look more glamorous and add that extra punch in your overall look which you need to look different and classy. So don’t worry about the height just go for heels to make to look more confident.
  12. Visit the tailor more often: When we are very tall not every dress suit us perfectly , so we need to visit the tailor more often to make arrangements with our outfits making us look exactly the way we want to.

Apart from following the above rules you should remember that you have to accept the way you are and should not be unhappy about how you look. We hope that this article will provide great dressing tips for tall ladies.

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